Scheduling mails

Marc Fargas| João Pedro, Jose A Ortega Ruiz, David Bremner

2024 Apr 04 16:38

Scheduling mails

Marc Fargas

2024 Apr 04 11:10

notmuch.el, needs without-restriction to properly save draft

Marc Fargas| Carl Worth, David Bremner

2024 Mar 24 17:04

[PATCH] config: allow custom separators in author lists

Lars Kotthoff, Sandra Snan| Tomi Ollila

2023 Dec 22 21:15

[PATCH] Fix saved-search buffer titles

Rudolf Adamkovič

2023 Dec 14 22:50

Fixed Message-ID trouble

Alexander Adolf| Teemu Likonen, Michael J Gruber, Daniel Corbe, Gregor Zattler, Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Andy Smith, David Bremner, Andreas Kähäri

2023 Sep 25 13:10

Fwd: [PATCH] improve notmuch-hello layout

Rudolf Adamkovič| David Bremner

2023 May 25 through 2023 Jul 03

[PATCH] notmuch-mutt: check that the search cache Maildir is not a real Maildir WAS: Re: Data loss

Paul Wise| Fulvio Pizzigoni, David Bremner, Michael J Gruber, Carl Worth, Tomi Ollila

2023 May 24 00:59

[PATCH] notmuch-mutt: convert ISO-8859-15 copyright statement to UTF-8

Paul Wise| David Bremner

2023 May 23 22:30

T350-crypto T357-index-decryption: possible race condition?

Michael J Gruber| David Bremner

2023 May 12 17:45

JSON Output Documentation

David Bremner| Tim Culverhouse

2023 May 03 19:35

notmuch search for threads vs matched messages

Al Haji-Ali| Teemu Likonen, NeilBrown

2023 May 03 16:24

Correcting message references

David Bremner, Al Haji-Ali

2023 Apr 22 11:09

BUG: ruby segfault in notmuch_rb_tags_each

arcnmx, Felipe Contreras| David Bremner

2022 Apr 30 through 2023 Mar 22

crash on incoming email

Antoine Beaupré| David Bremner

2023 Feb 22 18:55

Proof of concept for counting messages in thread

David Bremner| Michael J Gruber

2023 Feb 19 13:04

Selection bug

Justus Winter| David Bremner, Carl Worth

2022 Oct 11 16:29

Bug#1021614: notmuch: RFC2047-encoded special characters in display-name show up unquoted

Jakub Wilk

2022 Oct 11 20:28

[bug]: notmuch-emacs: notmuch-show: "c F" shows same file name for different instances of duplicate messages

Gregor Zattler| David Bremner

2022 Aug 04 09:03

[PATCH] emacs: add new option notmuch-search-exclude

Mohsin Kaleem| David Bremner, Tomi Ollila, mohkale@kisara.moe

2022 Mar 22 through 2022 Jul 24

[Emacs] Using notmuch-address with EUDC, and completion-at-point

Alexander Adolf| David Bremner

2022 Jul 22 14:50

bug#56442: gnus-search-run-search: Hits notmuch command line length limits

Sean Whitton

2022 Jul 07 16:56

v2 WIP commands to choose duplicates in emacs interface

David Bremner

2022 Jun 29 12:15

[PATCH] Fix notmuch-mua.el notmuch-mua-mail

Damien Cassou, David Bremner

2022 May 22 through 2022 Jun 02

[PATCH] emacs/smime: render decrypted MIME entities in notmuch-show

David Bremner| Alexander Adolf

2022 Apr 11 23:36

[PATCH] emacs: Add more front ends for address completion

Alexander Adolf| Tomi Ollila, Utkarsh Singh, David Bremner

2022 Mar 07 22:14

Emacs lagging for ~4min when opening from certain email.

navse@mailbox.org| David Bremner, Justus Winter, Daniel Kahn Gillmor

2022 Jan 24 03:58

use after free in python notmuch2 bindings

David Bremner| Floris Bruynooghe

2022 Jan 02 13:51

[PATCH v2] emacs: add notmuch-logo.svg and use it in emacs mua on graphic displays

David Bremner| Tomi Ollila, Alexander Adolf

2021 Dec 16 16:44

Test file for included rfc822

David Bremner

2021 Nov 03 09:46

Emacs notmuch extracts text attachments as if they had Windows (CRLF) encoding

Martin Jambor| Tomi Ollila

2021 Oct 13 13:54

performance in emacs displaying a huge thread

David Bremner| Alan Schmitt, Örjan Ekeberg, Tomi Ollila

2021 Sep 25 13:26

T355-smime.sh is flaky

David Bremner

2020 Nov 10 through 2021 Sep 12

[EMACS] feature proposal (with code): notmuch-rainbow-tags.el

Alexander Adolf, Tom Hirschowitz| Dan Čermák, David Bremner

2021 May 13 through 2021 Sep 01

[PATCH v2 1/3] ruby: add new Database.open_with_config

David Bremner| Felipe Contreras

2021 Aug 21 14:20

Test failures with notmuch 0.32 and 0.32.1 on openSUSE

Dan Čermák| Michael J Gruber, David Bremner, Tomi Ollila

2021 May 19 08:16

Breakage after updating to 0.32 (database and path issues)

Jack Kamm| David Bremner

2021 May 09 18:08

macOS globals.py issue

Dominyk Tiller| David Bremner

2021 Apr 25 17:28

macOS globals.py issue

Dominyk Tiller

2021 Apr 19 01:05

parallel test failures

David Bremner| Xu Wang, Tomi Ollila

2021 Feb 19 12:24

Break thread relationship

David Bremner| Ico Doornekamp

2021 Feb 12 11:47

failure in emacs notmuch-show: notmuch-show--register-cids: Wrong type argument: char-or-string-p, nil

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| Jonas Bernoulli, Tomi Ollila

2021 Jan 03 05:33

notmuch2 (python cffi bindings) segfault gdb logs

Patrick Totzke

2020 Nov 23 10:36

Corrupted database (notmuch 0.31, Emacs 27.1.50, afew 3.0.1, OfflineIMAP, Python)

Jorge P. de Morais Neto

2020 Nov 17 19:19

Corrupted database (notmuch 0.31, Emacs 27.1.50, afew 3.0.1, OfflineIMAP, Python)

Jorge P. de Morais Neto

2020 Nov 17 19:17

emacs: error decrypting s/mime

David Bremner| Alexander Adolf

2020 Sep 12 10:17

[PATCH v3 00/34] A great number of cosmetic changes

David Bremner| Jonas Bernoulli, Sean Whitton, Tomi Ollila, Đoàn Trần Công Danh

2020 Aug 10 01:25

Message headers in right-to-left mode in Emacs notmuch-show-mode

Teemu Likonen| David Edmondson, David Bremner, T‮omi Ollila

2020 Aug 03 06:13

[lieer] Release v1.2

Gaute Hope

2020 May 22 20:38

[lieer] Release v1.1

Gaute Hope| Thomas Schneider

2020 Apr 16 19:13

Weird tagging issue

David Bremner| Brian May, Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Carl Worth

2020 Mar 23 01:12

Ultimate trust

Tomas Nordin| Teemu Likonen, Philip Hands, David Bremner

2020 Mar 21 14:37

Is Alexa Rank important?

Roy Degarmo

2019 Dec 29 19:28

Is Alexa Rank important?

Arlette Krasner

2019 Dec 08 16:27

rfc: notmuch-status.el - notmuch status reporting

David Edmondson| Antoine Beaupré

2019 Dec 05 12:56

[BUG] notmuch-emacs: spoils sendmail -f with emacs 27 commit 3a59cc84069376802ba8fd731b524d78db58262c and later

Gregor Zattler| David Edmondson, Stefan Monnier

2019 Dec 01 17:10

IG Followers

Tina Wishon

2019 Nov 15 20:14

IG Followers

Anya Hauff

2019 Oct 24 11:11

Python3 cffi bindings

David Bremner| Floris Bruynooghe, Gaute Hope, Tomi Ollila

2019 Oct 20 12:22

buy Real instagram followers cheap

Julian Hepner

2019 Oct 07 10:42

viewing duplicate messages

Jorge P. de Morais Neto| Rollins, Jameson, Daniel Kahn Gillmor

2019 Aug 17 22:12

Bug#934082: elpa-notmuch: Shows remote images even when requested not to

David Bremner| Andreas Kloeckner, Rollins, Jameson, Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Tomas Nordin

2019 Aug 06 22:41

fw: fast SEO

Gaynell Lund

2019 Jul 20 03:29

re: unique visits


2019 Jun 15 20:45

buy Real instagram followers cheap

Chieko Kadlec

2019 May 30 20:14

[PATCH 2/2] emacs: Allow tagging regions in notmuch-tree

David Bremner| Pierre Neidhardt

2019 May 25 13:42

re: unique visits


2019 May 23 05:43

parallel tests broken on Debian stable

David Bremner| Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Tomi Ollila

2019 May 10 10:45

buy Real instagram followers cheap

Merrilee Symes

2019 May 05 21:50

buy Real instagram followers cheap

Hortense Guinan

2019 Mar 31 22:50

[bug?][notmuch-emacs] X11: renders Headers with face attributes

Gregor Zattler| David Bremner

2019 Mar 21 07:42

buy Real instagram followers cheap

Lannie Cruzado

2019 Mar 10 01:03

Real Instagram Followers

Agustin Seibold

2019 Feb 09 06:37

buy Real instagram followers cheap

Kanisha Wiliams

2019 Feb 08 17:04

re: unique visits


2019 Jan 25 21:00

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Maryln Deemer

2019 Jan 25 11:13

Buy cheap daily targeted traffic for nmbug.tethera.net

Catrice Kettering

2018 Dec 03 07:40

Please send me pricelist for Alexa Rank service for nmbug.tethera.net

Lida Goers

2018 Nov 17 00:51

Profiling Slowdown when Opening Message with Many Threads

Cole Lyman| David Edmondson

2018 Nov 10 00:15

How to remove bad articles about my name from google top 10

Taneka Mundo

2018 Nov 08 04:16

Please send me pricelist for Alexa Rank service for nmbug.tethera.net

Carmina Dahlquist

2018 Oct 16 17:40

[BUG] Can't search for some square brackets in From:

Justin Humm| David Bremner

2018 Oct 10 10:44

[PATCH 1/1] RFC: add attachment checks

David Edmondson| Antoine Beaupré

2018 Sep 04 15:42

re: I need pure whitehat SEO Package for nmbug.tethera.net

Darryl Seaton  

2018 Aug 28 05:51

bug: wrong order of messages in notmuch-show

Gregor Zattler| Amin Bandali, David Bremner

2018 Jul 27 07:21

Handling mislabeled emails encoded with Windows-1252

Sebastian Poeplau| David Bremner, Jeffrey Stedfast

2018 Jul 24 13:55

Premium traffic for nmbug.tethera.net

Vertie Scalzo  

2018 May 11 02:38

Premium traffic for nmbug.tethera.net

Julienne Jung  

2018 Apr 29 16:00

Bug? notmuch-emacs: "All tags" in notmuch-hello does not show all tags

Gregor Zattler| Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2018 Apr 21 22:33

Buy Instagram followers cheap

Mindi Abbe  

2018 Apr 14 09:05

tip: how to not forget attachments

Antoine Beaupré| David Bremner, Brian Sniffen, Tomi Ollila, Olly Betts

2018 Mar 19 13:25

Buy Instagram followers cheap

Osvaldo Oelke  

2018 Mar 17 03:23

Address Completion No Longer Working

David Bremner| david wen riccardi-zhu, Tomi Ollila

2018 Mar 15 02:00

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Clayton Cannaday  

2018 Feb 25 19:46

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2018 Feb 10 06:55

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2018 Jan 01 14:14

[PATCH 1/1] python: Fix method name in docs

l-m-h@web.de| David Bremner, Lucas Hoffmann

2017 Jun 04 through 2017 Dec 22

Reach Millions of People on Facebook for just 15 bucks

Elmer Efaw  

2017 Dec 03 14:33

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2017 Nov 25 20:00

[PATCH 6/6] test: test regexp based new.ignore

David Bremner| Jani Nikula

2017 Oct 02 00:57

Duplicate message ids

Mark Walters| David Bremner

2017 Aug 27 09:45

We could not deliver your parcel, #08733400


2017 Aug 21 03:57

rendering and generating text/markdown parts

Dylan Baker| Daniel Kahn Gillmor

2017 Aug 11 22:02

Python/thaw/freeze: Different references to same message

William Pettersson| David Bremner

2017 Jul 29 11:58

all intermediate drafts appear in threads (v0.24.2, Emacs 25.2)

Sanjoy Mahajan| Gregor Zattler, David Bremner, Matt Armstrong

2017 Jul 13 14:38

Bug: fatal error with notmuch new, second run starts indexing all over again

Gregor Zattler| David Bremner, Tomi Ollila, Leonard Lausen

2017 Jul 06 09:31

[PATCH] Add Emacs' imenu support in notmuch-show and notmuch-search

Damien Cassou| Jani Nikula, David Bremner

2017 May 23 through 2017 Jun 11

notmuch-0.24.1: missing header include

Thomas Klausner| David Bremner

2017 Apr 20 09:47

Address Completion

Jörg Volbers| Tomi Ollila

2017 Apr 11 07:45

notmuch-emacs and Emacs26 (master)

David Bremner| aaermolov@gmail.com, Thomas Hisch, Steven Allen

2017 Apr 07 11:29

[PATCH] fix memory leaks in notmuch-show.c:format_headers_sprinter()

Jeffrey Stedfast| Tomi Ollila

2017 Mar 16 16:53

Inconsistent query results

Kirill A. Shutemov| David Bremner, Olly Betts

2017 Mar 08 14:40

add status value to _notmuch_message_ensure_metadata

Gaute Hope| David Bremner

2017 Feb 20 09:44

read after free in notmuch new

David Bremner| Tomi Ollila

2017 Feb 19 14:15

talloc_abort in notmuch_thread_get_tags () when db has been modified

Gaute Hope| David Bremner

2017 Feb 15 22:58

[PATCH] test: allow user to choose which gdb to run tests with

Mikhail| Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2017 Jan 11 19:18

[PATCH] [EMACS] Adjust notmuch-crypto gpg call-process function

John Byrnes| Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Tomi Ollila

2017 Jan 04 02:55

converting attachments to text

Brian Sniffen| Bart Bunting, Daniel Kahn Gillmor

2017 Jan 03 17:23

Bug#842291: notmuch processes frequently stuck in select()

David Bremner| Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Werner Koch

2016 Nov 23 08:50

[PATCH v2] emacs: make faces clear on dark backgrounds.

Matt Armstrong| Mark Walters, David Bremner

2016 Oct 20 21:50

"id buttonization" test failure

David Bremner| Marius Bakke, Tomi Ollila

2016 Oct 08 01:30

[PATCH 2/2] emacs: postpone/resume support

David Bremner| Mark Walters, Daniel Kahn Gillmor

2016 Sep 11 12:05

Bug: counting messages twice after excluding tags yields different results

Lucas, Lucas Hoffmann| Franz Fellner, David Bremner

2016 Aug 31 08:23

(emacs) Parsing problems replying to encrypted html

Matthew Lear| David Edmondson, David Bremner, Tomi Ollila, Jani Nikula

2016 Mar 07 through 2016 Jul 22

[Lars Luthman] Bug#826881: Calls to notmuch_directory_get_mtime() don't return the recently set mtime

David Bremner

2016 Jun 09 20:26

[Lars Luthman] Bug#826843: Calls to notmuch_database_add_message() after notmuch_database_close() crash

David Bremner| Tomi Ollila

2016 Jun 09 18:06

Bug#826843: Calls to notmuch_database_add_message() after notmuch_database_close() crash

Lars Luthman

2016 Jun 09 11:02

[PATCH] config: Expand ~ to $HOME

Bijan Chokoufe Nejad| Tomi Ollila, Bijan Chokoufe, David Edmondson

2016 May 09 21:57

Fwd: [PATCH] notmuch-mutt: deduce perl interpreter location from environment

Stefano Zacchiroli| Andreas Tolfsen, David Bremner

2016 Apr 21 18:10

Content-type of the mime part in cited text when replying

Nicolas Petton| David Edmondson, Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2016 Mar 16 08:23

[PATCH v6 4/6] emacs/mua: Generate improved cited text for replies

Mark Walters| David Bremner, Jani Nikula, David Edmondson

2016 Mar 07 19:26

Loading a notmuch email buffer in Emacs from the command line

Suvayu Ali| Neeum Zawan, Tomi Ollila

2016 Feb 24 17:21

[PATCH v3 15/16] added notmuch_message_reindex

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| Tomi Ollila, Jameson Graef Rollins, David Bremner

2016 Feb 10 17:21

[bug] notmuch requires Content-Disposition mime header value to be lower case

Johannes Schauer| David Bremner, Jani Nikula

2015 Sep 17 08:39

[PATCH] configure: add --without-docs switch

David Bremner| mp39590@gmail.com, Tomi Ollila

2015 Jul 26 15:46

search query "replytoid:<blah>"

Suvayu Ali| Xu Wang, David Bremner, Gregor Zattler

2015 Jun 14 08:22

[PATCH] lib, ruby: make use of -Wl,--no-undefined configurable

Jinwoo Lee| David Bremner, Tomi Ollila

2015 Jun 14 06:20

BUG: maildir flags sync with database relative path results in corrupted filename

Morgan Veyret| David Bremner, Tomi Ollila

2015 Jun 07 15:12

notmuch-mutt BSD compatibility

Jack Peirce, Stefano Zacchiroli| David Bremner, Tomi Ollila

2015 May 01 05:24

emacs / vim - time taken to open threads

Matthew Lear| David Bremner, Tomi Ollila

2015 Mar 25 11:21

[PATCH v5 0/7] notmuch search --output=sender/recipients

Mark Walters| Michal Sojka, Jesse Rosenthal, Tomi Ollila

2014 Oct 31 10:20

RFC: notmuch-cache.el: simple caching of MIME parts

David Edmondson| Jesse Rosenthal

2014 Oct 07 07:53

DatabaseModifiedErrors causing troubles

Gaute Hope| David Bremner

2014 Aug 11 through 2014 Aug 21

SVG attachment crashes emacs

Sebastian Fischmeister| David Bremner, MaDhAt2r, Franz Fellner, Suvayu Ali

2014 Aug 20 09:33

emacs UI hang: viewing a thread where msg has .tgz attachment with symlink to ..

Sanjoy Mahajan| David Bremner

2014 Jul 18 through 2014 Jul 20

[PATCH v2 06/10] cli: refactor insert

Peter Wang| Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2014 Jul 06 03:57

[PATCH 1/2] cli: S/MIME verification/decryption support

David Bremner| Jameson Graef Rollins, Bryant, Daniel B.

2014 Jul 01 10:55

notmuch-0.18 issues [was Re: notmuch-0.16: realpath() compatibility issue; clang visibility problem]

Thomas Klausner| Jani Nikula, Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2014 Jan 03 through 2014 Jun 26

Deduplication ?

Vladimir Marek| David Edmondson, Mark Walters, Tomi Ollila, Jani Nikula

2014 Jun 06 10:40

[Jakub Wilk] Bug#749890: python3-notmuch: missing header in mbox message -> NullPointerError

David Bremner| Justus Winter

2014 May 30 13:14

Linux-only fdatasync() in 3c13bc

Xīcò| Kushal Kumaran, Tomi Ollila, David Bremner, Austin Clements

2014 May 06 19:59

pkg-config zlib check in 3c13bc

Xīcò| Tomi Ollila, David Bremner, Felipe Contreras

2014 May 06 19:40

excessive thread fusing

David Bremner| Eric, Andrei POPESCU, Mark Walters, Austin Clements

2014 Apr 19 12:33

doc: notmuch_result_move_to_next -> notmuch_tags_move_to_next

Gaute Hope| Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2014 Feb 09 10:50

[PATCH 00/17] nmbug-status: Python-3-compabitility and general refactoring

David Bremner| W. Trevor King, Tomi Ollila

2014 Feb 08 16:11

[PATCH] make http links into buttons

David Bremner| Mark Walters

2014 Jan 19 12:23

[PATCH v2] new: Don't scan unchanged directories with no sub-directories

David Bremner| Austin Clements, Tomi Ollila, Vladimir Marek

2013 Oct 26 11:52

unread message appear `folded'

Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan| Austin Clements, David Bremner

2013 Aug 05 18:00

bug in attachment handling

Mark Walters| Tomi Ollila, Austin Clements, David Bremner

2013 Jul 30 14:53

converting notmuch email to 'TODO' entry in org-mode

Peter Feigl| David Belohrad, David Bremner, Tomi Ollila, Rainer M. Krug, Nicholas Peihl, Robert Horn

2013 May 24 16:37

Notmuch Emacs UI aborts on SourceForge.net newsletter

Amadeusz Żołnowski| David Bremner

2013 Apr 30 16:34

[PATCH] don't store temporary value returned from c_str()

Vladimir Marek| Vladimir.Marek@oracle.com, Tomi Ollila, David Bremner, Jani Nikula, Kim Minh Kaplan

2013 Apr 30 08:48

[PATCH 2/2] emacs: possibility to customize the rendering of tags

Austin Clements| Damien Cassou, Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2013 Mar 25 14:26

[Bug] Notmuch-emacs show-whitespace interaction

David Bremner| frozencemetery

2013 Feb 25 18:28

notmuch-mutt: Use of uninitialized value.

Stefano Zacchiroli| Profpatsch, Kevin J. McCarthy, Andrei POPESCU, Suvayu Ali, Michael Elkins, David Bremner

2013 Feb 14 08:37

[PATCH 4/4] emacs: Add unit-tests for clickable tags

Damien Cassou| Mark Walters

2012 Dec 14 12:27

Encoding issue masks message reply


2012 Dec 10 03:03

[BUG] Saving attachments containing UTF-8 chars

Michael Stapelberg| Tomi Ollila, Ethan Glasser-Camp, David Bremner, Mark Walters

2012 Oct 29 through 2012 Nov 30

Notmuch search missing mail id

James Vasile| Tomi Ollila

2012 Oct 29 16:39

bug related to ical

Olivier Berger| Robert Horn, Tomi Ollila, Aaron Ecay

2012 Sep 25 15:44

[Jakub Wilk] Bug#683515: python3-notmuch

David Bremner

2012 Aug 02 15:13

notmuch-emacs and bbdb

Daniel Bergey| Jameson Graef Rollins, Daniel Reusche, Wael Nasreddine

2012 Jul 12 13:47

adding emacs-snapshot as alternative to emacs

Jeremy Nickurak| Rainer M Krug, David Bremner, Dmitrijs Ledkovs

2012 Jun 21 17:11

PATCH: notmuch-mutt.rc macros (with correct commit msg)

Jason Ryan| Jani Nikula

2012 May 27 08:01

PATCH: notmuch-mutt macros

Jason Ryan| Jameson Graef Rollins

2012 May 27 00:41

[PATCH v2]: contrib/notmuch-mutt

Stefano Zacchiroli| David Bremner, James Vasile

2012 Mar 29 through 2012 Mar 31

Bug#628018: [PATCH] notmuch-mutt utility for notmuch/contrib/

David Bremner, Stefano Zacchiroli| Tomi Ollila, Jameson Graef Rollins, Scott Barker

2012 Mar 26 10:32

nmfirehose - a crude nmbug companion tool

Jani Nikula| David Bremner

2012 Mar 11 00:01

notmuch-emacs bug report -- infinite looping trying to select next message

Michael Hudson-Doyle| Rodney Lorrimar, David Bremner

2012 Feb 13 22:01

FreeBSD Port

Doug Penner

2012 Feb 11 20:16

patches to mutt-notmuch

Scott Barker

2012 Feb 10 21:58

[patch] notmuch-addresses.py fix UnicodeDecodeError

Joshua Ismael Haase Hernandez

2012 Feb 01 18:09

tach.el: an attachment interface for message mode.

Jesse Rosenthal| Aaron Ecay, Xavier Maillard

2012 Jan 20 17:04

Infinite loop in emacs interface

Rodney Lorrimar| Aaron Ecay, Florian Friesdorf

2012 Jan 17 17:17

Segmentation fault at gmime-iconv with python binding

Kazuo Teramoto| David Bremner, Patrick Totzke, Austin Clements, Tomi Ollila, Sebastian Spaeth, Pieter Praet, Jameson Graef Rollins

2011 Dec 30 00:57

Segmentation fault at gmime-iconv with python binding

Kazuo Teramoto

2011 Dec 30 00:52

Segmentation fault at gmime-iconv with python binding

Kazuo Teramoto

2011 Dec 29 18:20

[PATCH v3 1/4] emacs: Let the user choose where to compose new mails

David Bremner| Thomas Jost, Jameson Graef Rollins, Jani Nikula, Austin Clements, Dmitry Kurochkin, Tom Prince, Tomi Ollila, Aaron Ecay

2011 Dec 26 11:38

RFC: use the XDG Base Directory Specification for configuration data

Justus Winter| David Bremner, Jameson Graef Rollins, Pieter Praet

2011 Dec 21 11:19

patchwork link 404s

Justus Winter| David Bremner, Jameson Graef Rollins

2011 Dec 21 11:09

[afew] announcing afew, an universal tagging solution with some fancy features

Justus Winter| Kazuo Teramoto, Jani Nikula, Patrick Totzke, Jameson Graef Rollins, James Vasile

2011 Dec 14 through 2011 Dec 21

have "notmuch help" call man?

David Bremner| Adam Wolfe Gordon, Kazuo Teramoto, Jameson Graef Rollins, Tomi Ollila, Austin Clements

2011 Dec 20 04:16

Bug#652359: notmuch-emacs: Won't display correctly quoted-printable iso-8859-1 mails

David Bremner| Olivier Berger, Tomi Ollila

2011 Dec 19 00:03

[alot] announcing v0.2 aka. "robot santa"

Patrick Totzke| Jameson Graef Rollins, Adrian Perez, Philipp Überbacher, Mark Foxwell, Kazuo Teramoto

2011 Dec 18 11:11

[announce] Bower 0.1

Patrick Totzke| Peter Wang

2011 Dec 18 10:22

[PATCH 6/7] py3k: Add and use a mixin class that implements __str__

Justus Winter| Tomi Ollila, Sebastian Spaeth

2011 Dec 14 12:52

[PATCH 2/2] python: annotate all calls into libnotmuch with types

Justus Winter, Patrick Totzke| Sebastian Spaeth, James Westby, David Bremner, Tomi Ollila

2011 Nov 28 through 2011 Dec 07

RFC: don't ask users to do 'sudo make install'

Justus Winter| Tomi Ollila, Rainer M Krug, David Bremner

2011 Dec 07 12:25

compile error of current git on F15

Darren McGuicken| Dirk Hohndel, Jameson Graef Rollins, Daniel Kahn Gillmor, David Bremner

2011 Nov 25 20:37

python-notmuch decoding error on a message

Antoine Amarilli| David Bremner, Patrick Totzke, Sebastian Spaeth

2011 Nov 06 22:16

[PATCH] xutil.c: remove duplicate copies, create new library libutil.a to contain xutil.

David Bremner| Ali Polatel, Jameson Graef Rollins, Austin Clements, Jani Nikula, Tomi Ollila

2011 Oct 29 18:52

python: unpythonic result of Message.get_replies()

Justus Winter| Sebastian Spaeth, Tomi Ollila

2011 Oct 05 01:42

python(?): process died while iterating over Messages object

Justus Winter| Tom Prince, Adam Wolfe Gordon

2011 Sep 30 10:43

[PATCH 7/9] python: provide more exception classes

Justus Winter| Sebastian Spaeth

2011 Sep 30 00:41

[Justus Winter] Re: [PATCH 1/9] python: add a .gitignore file and refine the toplevel one

Sebastian Spaeth

2011 Sep 29 16:06

Fix for emacs 24

E.J. Neafsey| richardmurri@gmail.com, David Bremner

2011 Sep 15 20:15

Python Unicode Was: Not much database creation error

Martin Owens| Sebastian Spaeth, Austin Clements

2011 Sep 15 17:41

Patch: Flush and Reopen

Martin Owens| Austin Clements, David Bremner, Sebastian Spaeth

2011 Sep 08 through 2011 Sep 12

JSON parsing performance (was Re: [PATCH v2] emacs: bad regexp @ `notmuch-search-process-filter')

Pieter Praet, Austin Clements| David Edmondson, servilio, Jameson Graef Rollins, Sebastian Spaeth

2011 Jul 16 through 2011 Jul 20

[PATCH] Emacs: Add variable to toggle message indentation in a thread

Felix Geller| Dmitry Kurochkin, Daniel Schoepe, Jameson Graef Rollins, David Bremner, Gregor Zattler, Michal Sojka

2011 Jul 12 through 2011 Jul 16

date_relative in notmuch-search

Patrick Totzke| Jameson Graef Rollins, pazz, David Bremner

2011 Jul 15 21:04

[python] pep8

Patrick Totzke

2011 Jul 12 20:37


Patrick Totzke| Sebastian Spaeth, Carl Worth, Uwe Kleine-König

2011 Jul 12 20:27

bug in emacs-ui ?

Sebastien Binet| Jameson Graef Rollins, Pieter Praet, Carl Worth, Jani Nikula, Dmitry Kurochkin

2011 Jun 20 16:43

[PATCH] added keys to hide/show a portion of the thread

Dima Kogan| notmuch@dima.secretsauce.net

2011 Jun 07 06:37

[PATCH] Added C-up and C-down to cycle through previous searches

Dima Kogan| notmuch@dima.secretsauce.net, Dmitry Kurochkin, Xavier Maillard

2011 Jun 07 06:26

Decryption fails

Felix Geller| David Bremner, Jameson Graef Rollins

2011 May 31 through 2011 Jun 02

MIME restructuring [was: Re: release-candidate/0.6]

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| Jameson Graef Rollins, Sebastian Spaeth, Florian Friesdorf, James Vasile, Tim Gray, Darren McGuicken, Dmitry Kurochkin, micah anderson, Pieter Praet, Austin Clements, Carl Worth, Simon Hürlimann

2011 May 16 21:05

[RFC/PATCH] Vim client rewrite

anton@khirnov.net| Felipe Contreras, Anton Khirnov

2011 May 15 19:15

notmuch via nix/nixpkgs (was: Re: [PATCH] create and set temporary home directory)

Florian Friesdorf| Jameson Graef Rollins, Carl Worth

2011 Apr 18 17:57

[PATCH] Remove/replace vertical whitespace in subject header field body.

James Vasile

2011 Mar 17 01:44

encoding problem with Emacs notmuch.el

Erik Colson| David Bremner, Petter Reinholdtsen

2011 Feb 26 14:12

Org-mode support

Matthieu Lemerre| Darren McGuicken, Albin Stjerna, micah anderson, Florian Friesdorf

2011 Feb 07 21:22

[PATCH 3/4] Optimize thread search using matched docid sets.

Carl Worth| Austin Clements

2011 Jan 28 21:26

better timeout patch.

David Bremner

2010 Dec 21 03:52

fix for Debian build failures

David Bremner

2010 Dec 14 03:05

My spam confuses notmuch-search

Sebastian Spaeth| Michael Hudson, David Edmondson

2010 Nov 26 10:13

C coding conventions for notmuch

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| Rob Browning, Jameson Rollins, Michal Sojka

2010 Nov 23 18:48

a proposed change to JSON output to report verification of PGP/MIME signatures.

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| David Bremner, David Edmondson, Carl Worth, Jameson Rollins

2010 Nov 13 07:55

Address completion

Sebastian Spaeth| Dirk Hohndel

2010 Apr 21 14:11

[notmuch] [Sebastian Spaeth] Pull requests

micah anderson| Sebastian Spaeth, Carl Worth, Michal Sojka

2010 Apr 07 05:15

[notmuch] Message parsing issue?

Jason White| David Bremner

2010 Apr 03 07:25

[notmuch] notmuch vs gmail filters

Anthony Towns

2010 Apr 01 08:01

[notmuch] [PATCH]: 0001-Include-tags-in-notmuch-show-format-json.patch

Fernando Herrera| Jameson Rollins, Sebastian Spaeth

2010 Mar 08 13:08

[notmuch] A few patches

Mike Kelly| Carl Worth, David Edmondson, Sebastian Spaeth

2010 Mar 02 03:54

[notmuch] [PATCH] Support for deletion (patch included)


2010 Feb 27 10:34

[notmuch] Icon

Carl Worth| Sebastian Spaeth

2010 Feb 10 20:03

[notmuch] Small Fixes

Matt Fowles

2010 Jan 28 15:54

[notmuch] [PATCH] Mail::Notmuch Perl wrapper

Simon Cozens| Mike Kelly, Ben Gamari

2010 Jan 25 18:17

[notmuch] Bug with commit 2e96464f9705be4ec772280cad71a6c9d5831e6f


2010 Jan 23 09:02

[notmuch] [PATCH] GCC3.5 fix

Geo Carncross

2010 Jan 21 20:31

[notmuch] [PATCH] d_type fix

Geo Carncross| Carl Worth

2010 Jan 21 20:10

[notmuch] Bug with commit 2e96464f9705be4ec772280cad71a6c9d5831e6f

racin@free.fr| Carl Worth

2010 Jan 16 01:42

[notmuch] SWIG (and particularly Python) bindings

Adrian Perez de Castro| Ben Gamari, Scott Robinson, Carl Worth

2009 Dec 30 10:52

[notmuch] First attempt to add smart completion in notmuch-search

racin@free.fr| Carl Worth, Kan-Ru Chen

2009 Dec 24 10:07

[notmuch] [patch] store folder information

Andreas Klöckner| Ruben Pollan, Marten Veldthuis, Carl Worth, micah anderson, Michal Sojka, Jameson Rollins, Arvid Picciani, Sebastian Spaeth

2009 Dec 14 19:21

[notmuch] RFC: output json from notmuch?

David Bremner| Scott Robinson, Marten Veldthuis, Carl Worth, david@tethera.net, Jameson Rollins, Sebastian Spaeth, David Edmondson

2009 Dec 13 23:26

[notmuch] regress option to messages iterator

ruben pollan| Ruben Pollan, Carl Worth, meskio@sindominio.net, Mark Anderson, Sebastian Spaeth

2009 Dec 08 09:57

[notmuch] Trouble with notmuch-show

Jed Brown| Carl Worth, Alexander Botero-Lowry

2009 Dec 03 22:08

[notmuch] hack to retag a directory

david@tethera.net| Carl Worth, David Bremner, martin f krafft

2009 Dec 03 13:39

[notmuch] [PATCH 2/2] * avoid gcc 4.4.1 compiler warning due to ignored 'fflush' return value

Dirk-Jan C. Binnema| Carl Worth

2009 Dec 01 18:50

[notmuch] Mailing list Reply-To munging and notmuch reply

Carl Worth| Jed Brown

2009 Nov 28 20:11

[notmuch] Problems importing my mail...

Jeffrey Ollie| Carl Worth

2009 Nov 28 06:37

[notmuch] Using notmuch from Ruby, Python, et al.

Scott Robinson| Jeffrey Ollie, Carl Worth, Mikhail Gusarov

2009 Nov 25 17:40

[notmuch] Perftool run

Brett Viren

2009 Nov 22 00:19

[notmuch] [PATCH] _READ_Write -> _READ_WRITE

Jed Brown| Chris Wilson, Keith Packard, Carl Worth

2009 Nov 21 21:34

[notmuch] [PATCH] Quote file names passed to the shell

Jed Brown| Carl Worth

2009 Nov 21 02:37

[notmuch] [PATCH] Drop redundant CFLAGS, was already included in CXXFLAGS

Jed Brown| Carl Worth

2009 Nov 20 15:58

[notmuch] Segfault searching for tags

Jeffrey Ollie| Adrian Perez de Castro, Carl Worth, Jan Janak

2009 Nov 20 02:23

[notmuch] Gentoo ebuild for notmuch

James Rowe| Carl Worth

2009 Nov 19 08:11

[notmuch] "notmuch help" outputs to stderr?

Lars Kellogg-Stedman| Carl Worth

2009 Nov 18 00:58

[notmuch] [PATCH] Error out if no query is supplied to search instead of going into an infinite loop

Alex Botero-Lowry| Carl Worth

2009 Nov 18 00:23

[notmuch] preliminary FreeBSD support

Alex Botero-Lowry| Carl Worth

2009 Nov 17 19:36