Re: Org-mode support

Subject: Re: Org-mode support

Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 00:28:30 +0100

To: micah anderson, notmuch


From: Matthieu Lemerre

Hi Micah,

> Thanks so much for sending this, its very interesting! I've just started
> trying it and have managed to use M-x org-store-link on your email to
> add an org-mode todo item to try out org-mode support for notmuch :)

Great, that's how it is supposed to be used! :)

> I have one question, how do you add multiple query arguments? For
> example, in my org file I tried 'notmuch-search:tag:notmuch' - this
> worked great, but if I did 'notmuch-search:tag:notmuch and subject:Org'
> the link only works up until the first space.

This is because org-mode links must be url encoded (this is a org-mode
limitation, could do nothing about it). So in links that contain spaces,
such as yours, spaces must be replaced by %20, like this:

[[notmuch-search:toto%20and%20tata][Notmuch search: toto and tata]]

> I also noticed that David Bremner has done something similar[0] and I
> wonder if you have looked at his code[1], or if David has looked at
> yours. Perhaps the start of a collaboration?

If I remember correctly, I specifically forbid myself to look into this
code because David had copyright issues with its employer. But I believe
that both codes are doing essentially the same thing.