Re: Emacs lagging for ~4min when opening from certain email.

Subject: Re: Emacs lagging for ~4min when opening from certain email.

Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2022 14:02:33 +0100



From: Justus Winter

Hi, writes:

> I have been using Notmuch with Emacs for a couple of days and it has
> been working great, except for when I open mails from a certain sender
> with S/MIME signed messages, Emacs will freeze up for about 4 minutes.
> Opening the expandable signature inside of the Email repeats the lag.

Just to point you into the right direction, I'm pretty sure that this is
gpgsm reaching out to a network server, maybe to fetch certificate
revocation lists or something.  I'm not too familiar with gpgsm.

Depending on your needs, there are several things to do.

If you don't need S/MIME at all, uninstall or chmod 0 gpgsm.  That is
what I do :D

If you need S/MIME, consult man gpgsm, there are switches that turn off
certain things involving network services (e.g. disable-crl-checks), or
all network services (disable-dirmngr).  Beware, this may change
semantics or weaken the S/MIME support.

Hope that helps,
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