Scheduling mails

Subject: Scheduling mails

Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2024 21:18:58 -0300



From: João Pedro

Hi there,

This might not be the best mailing list to ask this, but I figured I
could at least be given some directions.

I am using notmuch in Emacs, with mbsync and msmtp (I actually use
smtpmail.el in Emacs, but it uses the `sendmail' command, which is
symlinked to msmtp) and the only thing I miss from other mail clients is
the ability to schedule a mail to be sent on a certain time. I do also
use `message-mode' to compose my emails, and it has `gnus-delay-article'
bound to C-c C-j, which at first sight seems to be exactly what I
need. The problem is, when calling it from =notmuch-message-mode= I get
a `wrong-type-argument' from the first line of `gnus-agent-queue-setup',
which tries to get a value from a hash table stored in a variable that
is initialized with nil. Gnus must initialize this variable with some
sort of hash table, but I could not emulate this behaviour to make this
scheduling work. Is it possible to use `message-mode''s scheduling
facility with notmuch?


João Pedro de A. Paula
IT bachelors at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN)
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