Re: Scheduling mails

Subject: Re: Scheduling mails

Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2024 07:06:27 -0300

To: João Pedro, Jose A Ortega Ruiz,


From: David Bremner

João Pedro <> writes:

> Em terça, 02/04/2024 às 02:05 (+01), Jose A Ortega Ruiz <> escreveu:
>> I might be wrong, but I don't think the Gnus agent can be easily reused
>> from notmuch. We could perhaps save the message as a draft upon C-c C-j,
>> and then have a periodic timer that checks if any of the drafts has
>> expired (maybe using a special, additional tag for the search) and send
>> it?
> I think we should be able to use a similar logic to
> `gnus-delay-article': it adds an X-Gnus-Delayed header with a timestamp
> and seems to, as you proposed, periodically check for scheduled
> messages. The header holds a timestamp for the prompted scheduled time
> (which can be given in as an absolute date, or relative to the current
> time) and we could add to that a `scheduled' tag or something along
> those lines.

Message properties might work a bit better than tags, but your periodic
search would still have to search for all of the scheduled=time
properties (wildcard search is currently only supported using s-exp

I would suggest having a look at the existing draft handling, as what
you describe sounds like it is related.
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