Re: Scheduling mails

Subject: Re: Scheduling mails

Date: Thu, 04 Apr 2024 08:15:41 -0300

To: João Pedro, Jose A Ortega Ruiz,


From: David Bremner

João Pedro <> writes:

> Ah, indeed message properties seem to be more appropriate. Are they
> persisted, or are they tied to an Emacs session?

They are persisted in the database, and backed up with notmuch dump.
>> but your periodic search would still have to search for all of the
>> scheduled=time properties (wildcard search is currently only supported
>> using s-exp queries).
> How about having a list of '(MESSAGE-ID . SCHEDULED-TIME), with the
> periodic check looking in that list for the scheduled times? It would
> have the issue of it not being persistent between Emacs sessions, but I
> think that could be addressed by letting the users know this lack of
> persistance, and documenting how you could achieve it with
> `savehist-additional-variables'.

One advantage of doing it outside emacs (in the notmuch database) is
that you could have the delivery also managed outside emacs. So cron /
systemd-timer / whatever.  I guess the downside is it might be more work
to prototype.

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