Weird tagging issue

Subject: Weird tagging issue

Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2020 15:27:00 +1100



From: Brian May


I am having a problem with certain messages, in that I remove the tag
and it still shows up in search results.


$ notmuch search tag:important
thread:000000000000aaff 40 mins. ago [37/38(43)] Lucas Liendo, Ricardo Perez; [Bitbucket] Pull request #88: Add webdriver support (wspdigital/bupaoshc) (important inbox unread)

but if I view the thread:

$ notmuch show thread:000000000000aaff

I see one message, it has no tags, and it is not the message referenced
in the search results (i.e. it was sent hours ago, not 40 minutes).

It only happens with this thread. Sometimes if I play around enough I
can fix it, but the fix doesn't last. I get similar problems for other
tags, such as inbox and important also. I suspect the root problem is it
isn't showing the entire thread.

I have tried:

$ notmuch reindex thread:000000000000aaff
$ notmuch reindex 'Pull request #88: Add webdriver support' 

But it doesn't help.

The emacs reader is getting rather confused as a result. It says the
message has the tags when it doesn't and won't let me see the entire

Is this a sign my tag database is corrupt? If so how do I fix? Or maybe
there is some problem with the message - it looks OK to me. Was
generated from bitbucket.

It is not 100% important that I preserve my existing tags, but would
like to know what is going on.

This is notmuch version 0.28.4-1 from Debian buster using Maildir.

Brian May <>
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