Re: [PATCH] implement a capf for address completion

Subject: Re: [PATCH] implement a capf for address completion

Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2024 16:34:43 -0400



From: Antoine Beaupré

On 2024-03-19 16:12:04, Antoine Beaupré wrote:


> The closest we have in the archive is (author in CC):
> <>
> ... which writes a new `kea/notmuch-address-message-capf' function from
> scratch. It might, however, do a better job than i do at taking into
> account the "harvest" process, which I only discovered after writing the
> patch and decided I would pretend it doesn't exist (and is probably
> inaccurate). So that might be a flaw with my patch already, but in my
> defense, WTF is that harvest thing!? :)

Thinking about this more, I *think* the capf *can* return a *function*
instead of a list of strings, so we might be able to refactor this a bit
better and send a function that waits for the harvesting to complete, or
stream the results or something.

Above my pay grade, at this point.

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