Re: [PATCH] implement a capf for address completion

Subject: Re: [PATCH] implement a capf for address completion

Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2024 16:12:04 -0400



From: Antoine Beaupré

I have *just* realized, after writing all this code and sending the
patch, that someone else might have discussed this here. Oops.

So, turns out, it *has* been discussed, but it doesn't look like anyone
tackled that problem fully just yet.

The closest we have in the archive is (author in CC):


... which writes a new `kea/notmuch-address-message-capf' function from
scratch. It might, however, do a better job than i do at taking into
account the "harvest" process, which I only discovered after writing the
patch and decided I would pretend it doesn't exist (and is probably
inaccurate). So that might be a flaw with my patch already, but in my
defense, WTF is that harvest thing!? :)

Another discussion about capf was about integration with EUDC:


But I don't quite understand what EUDC is or why it matters here. Might
be *some* overlap, not sure.

Finally, there's this whole other thread from 2022 about capf, but it's
quite diffuse and I couldn't make heads or tails of it. The head of the
thread according to the online archives is:


... but that's a reply to... something else, so I'm not sure.

As usual, your mileage may vary. :) To test my patch, you apply it,
restart Emacs (or rewire `message-completion-alist' like Keith Amidon
did), fire off a new email, start entering an address, and hit TAB (or,
if you have corfu, just wait for the timeout).

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We just need someone to take out recycling.
                        - Banksy
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