bug in attachment handling

Subject: bug in attachment handling

Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2013 15:53:44 +0100

To: notmuch@notmuchmail.org


From: Mark Walters


I have been seeing a bug in attachment handling in recent notmuch. If a
pdf part is sent as application/octet-stream then notmuch says
[[file.pdf: application/octet-stream (as application/pdf) ] but when
viewing it with . v or the default button action (when customised to
view) it treats it as application/octet-stream.

I think this is a regression but haven't checked yet: it probably has a
simple fix so we may want to fix it before 0.16 (users may be grumpy
about the key binding changes etc as it is!)

I attach a pdf with this message (just a mozilla print-to-file of the
notmuch webpage) which should demonstrate the problem.

Best wishes


mozilla.pdf (application/octet-stream)