Re: Breakage after updating to 0.32 (database and path issues)

Subject: Re: Breakage after updating to 0.32 (database and path issues)

Date: Sun, 09 May 2021 14:51:57 -0300

To: Jack Kamm,


From: David Bremner

Jack Kamm <> writes:

> Updating to 0.32 broke my notmuch setup. notmuch could no longer find my
> database; after I changed some paths in my config, notmuch appeared to
> be able to find the database again, but wound up rebuilding it anyways,
> and could no longer find any of my emails.
> Any advice on fixing my setup would be appreciated. Also, I would
> suggest adding information to the v0.32 release notes of any breaking
> changes that were made, and how to migrate existing setups.

There is a bug related to relative values. Maybe that was what you encountered?
There will be a point release soon with a fix for that bug. In the mean
time you can just set database path to an absolute path.

> I'm on Archlinux, and my email is located in $HOME/mail, with each of my
> accounts located under a different subfolder (e.g. $HOME/mail/gmail,
> $HOME/mail/work, etc).
> Below are details of the problems I ran into after updating to 0.32:
> First, notmuch could no longer find my database at $HOME/mail/.notmuch:
>> $ notmuch new
>> Error: Cannot open database at /home/jack/.local/share/notmuch/default: No such file or directory.

You should not have to change your configuration to work with 0.32,
other than temporarily making sure database.path has an absolute value.
If you have a configuration file that works with 0.31 and not with 0.32,
please share it as precisely as you can, including the contents of

> At this point I manually set database.path, but I got a new error this time:
>> $ notmuch config set database.path $HOME/mail/.notmuch
>> $ notmuch new                                                         

Note that the ".notmuch" should not be included in database.path. 

>> No new mail. Removed 884086 messages. Detected 12226 file renames.
> I'm also quite concerned about the "Removed 884086 messages." I'm
> guessing it only removed entries from the database, and doesn't seem to
> have deleted any files.

That's correct. Notmuch does not delete mail files.

> But I need to double check my afew filters and
> mbsync configuration, to make sure no deletions propagate back to my
> remote. In the meantime I'm refraining from running mbsync/notmuch until
> I can verify that nothing will get deleted.

Fair enough, it pays to be cautious. 
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