Re: Breakage after updating to 0.32 (database and path issues)

Subject: Re: Breakage after updating to 0.32 (database and path issues)

Date: Mon, 10 May 2021 07:50:04 -0300

To: Jack Kamm,


From: David Bremner

Jack Kamm <> writes:

> Update: I was able to fix my problems by explicitly setting "database.path" to "$HOME/mail" in my .notmuch-config. Then, notmuch was able to find my emails in my "$HOME/mail" as well as my database at "$HOME/mail/.notmuch".
> Confusingly, if "database.path" wasn't explicitly set in
> .notmuch-config, then "notmuch config get database.path" still
> returned "$HOME/mail", but notmuch cant' find the database, instead
> looking in ".local/share/notmuch/default". Is this a bug?

It's a bit surprising that you can't reproduce this anymore, because I
think there really was a bug here. I have sent a patch as a followup,

> Also, it seems like a bug that notmuch was unable to find any of my
>email when I had previously set "database.path" to
>"$HOME/mail/.notmuch". It seems like it was looking for the mail in
>"database.path" when it should have been looking in

Notmuch has to go through some contortions to support both nested
(.notmuch inside mail dir) and split configurations, and we may just
have to call this one unsupported. It didn't work before, so there is no
loss of functionality here.

> Finally, the manpage of notmuch-config(1) seems to be incorrect when
> it says that database.path will use a ".notmuch" subdirectory when
> "database.mail_root" is unset. In particular, "notmuch config get
> database.mail_root" returns "$HOME/mail", however "database.path" is
> still using a ".notmuch" subdirectory.

Sorry, I don't follow this. I don't _think_ there's an actual error
here, but if someone wants to propose patches that
make that part of the documentation clearer, I'd be happy to take a look
at them (although probably not for the point release, which I want to
get out the door).
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