Re: bug: wrong order of messages in notmuch-show

Subject: Re: bug: wrong order of messages in notmuch-show

Date: Sat, 08 Sep 2018 22:42:29 +0200



From: Gregor Zattler

Hi David, notmuch developers,
* David Bremner <> [2018-09-08; 07:35]:
> Gregor Zattler <> writes:
>> notmuch sometimes shows emails of one thread in wrong order.  Now
>> I found an example in a public mailing list so it is possible to
>> share this example.  It is a small thread from the notmuch
>> mailing list, you might find it by searching for
>> While this email is the last written and sent in this thread it
>> is shown as first email in the notmuch show output, as shown in
>> this "screenshot" of the corresponding notmuch-emacs buffer:
> As far as I know the problems discussed in this message should be fixed
> in commit 87934c432c4bee9df09f268a3f05933c59c2caf1, so I'm marking it
> fixed.

Yes, for me these problems are fixed now, as the ones described in

Thanks, it's much easier now for me to follow long email threads.

Ciao; Gregor
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