Re: [PATCH] test: initial tests for smime

Subject: Re: [PATCH] test: initial tests for smime

Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2015 13:59:59 -0800

To: David Bremner, David Bremner, Notmuch Mail


From: Jameson Graef Rollins

On Sat, Jan 17 2015, David Bremner <> wrote:
> It was kindof my fault: my original script add embedded ^M's in it, but
> this "cleverness" was messed up somewhere in the patch process.
> Does this version work for you?

For some reason PATCH 3/4 no longer applies after substituting in this
patch as PATCH 1/4.

But do we really need to test the message output of openssl?  It seems
like it's broken, and if it ever gets fixed we'll need to change this
test.  But all we really care about is that openssl is properly
verifying the message, yes?  Why not just test that and forget about the
rest of openssl's output?

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