Re: [PATCH] make http links into buttons

Subject: Re: [PATCH] make http links into buttons

Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2014 14:16:50 +0000

To: David Bremner,


From: Mark Walters

Since there was a little discussion about this on irc I post it here (with
bremner's permission) so that it doesn't get lost.

Best wishes


Day changed Mon Jan 20 2014

14:28 < mjw1009_> bremner: I am not sure quite what behaviour you were seeing on the link-buttons message (nor quite what you would expect)
14:29 < mjw1009_> (that is the message attached to id:87mwisqhx7.fsf@zancas.localnet)
14:29 < bremner> umm. hangon, I need to re-enable that patch.
14:30 < mjw1009_> before you do can you check it behaves as you expect in master?
14:30 < bremner> well, tabbing doesn't visit the URLs at all in master. so I guess yes?
14:30 < mjw1009_> and you would expect it just to stop at the [text/html] part button?
14:31 < bremner> it bounces between the from address and the text/html button
14:31 < mjw1009_> (I was a little surprised when looking at the code that we linkify the html part at all rather than leaving that to shr or something)
14:32 < mjw1009_> Oh great. that behaves differently in emacs 23
14:32 < mjw1009_> (on master)
14:32 < bremner> ah. this could be tricky. Do you have access to emacs24?
14:33 < mjw1009_> yes
14:34 < bremner> ok, with the patch in emacs24, I hit tab 3 times, and then it seems stuck at ""
14:35 < mjw1009_> Ok now I can reproduce some odd behaviour. It works much more as expected in emacs23
14:36 < mjw1009_> I don't know why it is cycling in the normal case on emacs24. on normal message tab on emacs23 stops at the end of the message and signals an error. 
14:37 < mjw1009_> But anyway I now know where to look so I can do some experiments. Thanks!
14:37 < bremner> cool.

20:04 < mjw1009_> does anyone else see the following on emacs24: goto a message with a text/html part(eg ); if you tab thought the message it all behaves correctly, but if you open the text-html part and tab through then the cursor goes from the text-html button to the top of the buffer

Day changed Tue Jan 21 2014

02:03 < bremner> mjw1009_: yeah, I can duplicate that.