Re: release-candidate/0.6

Subject: Re: release-candidate/0.6

Date: Sat, 07 May 2011 01:51:25 +0200

To: Jameson Graef Rollins, Notmuch Mail


From: Florian Friesdorf

On Fri, 06 May 2011 12:46:34 -0700, Jameson Graef Rollins <> wrote:
> Hi, folks.  As some of you already know, I am trying to put together a
> release candidate for a 0.6 release that we can present to cworth for
> approval.  This branch can be found in my public notmuch repository in
> the "release-candidate/0.6" branch:
> git remote add jrollins git://
> git remote update
> git checkout -t -b release-candidate/0.6 jrollins/release-candidate/0.6
> So far, this release candidate includes a couple of patch series that
> are not currently on cworth's master branch:
> json structure now replicates mime structure
> * dme's json-fully-reflects-MIME-structure improvements
> * dkg/jrollins's PGP/MIME cryptographic support
> * amdragon's atomicity improvements
> * a couple other small improvements

I'm delighted! 

> I might try to add a couple of more things before declaring the
> candidate release-ready, but this is more-or-less it.  Please start
> using this branch "in production" as much as possible, so that we can
> build up a chorus of support for pushing this release out.  Once you
> have build, tested, and started using the branch, please reply to this
> email thread to express your support for it's release.

I did already run this combination for quite a while with general

Problems in emacs (i.e. the json format) with displaying certain mime
messages are solved by using gmime 2.4.24 (thx dkg for the debugging
support). Problems were: notmuch show consuming 100% CPU without a result
and "EOF while reading message".

An open issue (also with gmime 2.4.24) is the extraction of a PDF from
an encrypted message via emacs (discussed on irc before, mentioned here
for completeness of the archive).

> PS: note to Debian users:
> The release-candidate/0.6 branch also includes debian package updates,
> so you should be able to easily build debian packages from the branch:
> git buildpackage -uc -us --git-ignore-branch
> However, the current version of libgmime-2.4 in testing and unstable
> (2.4.23-1) unfortunately breaks signature verification, which means that
> many of the crypto tests will fail.  The issue has been fixed upstream,
> and we've been pushing on the libgmime maintainer to push a new release.
> Hopefully a release of notmuch 0.6 into debian will put extra pressure
> on getting this issue resolved.

An option for these systems:

- Linux (particularly on x86, x86_64, and PowerPC).
- Mac OS X, both on Intel and PowerPC.
- FreeBSD (only tested on Intel).
- Windows through Cygwin.

is using nix to install emacs and notmuch from nixpkgs. It does not
interfere with other software installed on the system but installs into
/nix and creates links of installed software into a profile which can be
included in the PATH.

Current release candidate and gmime 2.4.24 are packaged in nixpkgs.

Installation instructions at [1]. For simplicity I recommend the single
user install.

In case of question, I and #nixos are happy to help.

Nix/Nixpkgs is not an alternative to debian, but helps in having some
newer things independent of the system. However, there is no security
team yet ensuring timely updates.


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