Re: release-candidate/0.6

Subject: Re: release-candidate/0.6

Date: Sun, 08 May 2011 15:14:03 -0700

To: Tim Gray,


From: Jameson Graef Rollins

On Fri, 6 May 2011 22:31:09 -0400, Tim Gray <> wrote:
> Ditto with the very very simple patch I sent about OS X compiling.  I 
> take it there are few users of OS X on this list, so every little bit 
> could help.

Hi, Tim.  Have you tried compiling the release-candidate/0.6 on OS X
without this patch?  I fixed an issue with the library linking that
could have also been the source of the issue you're seeing.

If release-candidate/0.6 still requires your patch to build, if you
could rebase your patch against the head of release-candidate/0.6 I'll
look at applying it again (it wasn't applying cleanly against the
current head of that branch).


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