Re: release-candidate/0.6

Subject: Re: release-candidate/0.6

Date: Sun, 08 May 2011 18:31:27 -0700

To: Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Notmuch Mail


From: Jameson Graef Rollins

On Sun, 08 May 2011 21:24:52 -0400, Daniel Kahn Gillmor <> wrote:
> One new feature that you didn't mention is that --decrypt is passed
> through to notmuch reply based on the state of the current buffer.
> That is: it used to be that you had to remember whether you'd viewed a
> thread with M-RET or RET (to trigger decryption+verification) and adjust
> your reply invocation to match if you wanted proper quoting and
> attribution when replying to encrypted mail.

Thanks for point that out, dkg.  I did forget to mention that.

Now we just need to figure out how to auto-encrypt replies to encrypted

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