[notmuch] [Sebastian Spaeth] Pull requests

Subject: [notmuch] [Sebastian Spaeth] Pull requests

Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2010 15:57:00 +0100

To: Notmuch development list


From: Sebastian Spaeth

Resending as this did not get through the list somehow. Sorry, if it
pops up twice now

>From git repository git://github.com/spaetz/notmuch-all-feature.git I
would like to advocate the following branches for quick pulling. Each
contains 1 or 2 patches. They have all been based on todays
cworth/master, so it should be really painless.

I divided them into 3 'trivial' branches which should not require
lots of discussion and 3 'proposed' which I would really encourage to pull
as they improve my user experience.


  Very trivial and obvious oversight. Make the date the same color as the
  rest of the headers.


  Bind 'F' to get us to notmuch-folder from notmuch-search
  mail id:1265889583-25406-1-git-send-email-dme@dme.org


  Rather than using the ugly thread id as buffer name, use a nicer
  description based on the subject.
  mail id:m1wryiayhg.fsf@watt.gilman.jhu.edu

The following patches are some that really improve my life..


  Let us display thread lines colored based on (configurable) tag-color pairs  
  mail id:87aavpb3wh.fsf@servo.finestructure.net


  Show first and last few lines of a citation, not only the first few
  lines. Show citations colorized.
  based on mail id:1266226909-19360-1-git-send-email-dme@dme.org
  and mail id:1266403911-16567-1-git-send-email-dme@dme.org


  Allow to tag multiple threads by selecting a region. This one is
  really, really handy.
  mail id:87sk90ragj.fsf@jhu.edu


  This is the "respect maildir" patch (with contributions from various
  people). As there is a similar patch from pioto, this might require
  some discussion before pulling.
  based on thread mail id:20100210031339.GH16686@mail.rocksoft.com

Thanks for considering.


P.S. I reworked my feature-all branch to contain above topic branches
and merging those branches into feature-all. This will hopefully allow
easier rebasing if patches bit-rot. The downside is that I killed the
history of that git repository. Please do a clean repull if you already
have it.