Re: [PATCH] [EMACS] Adjust notmuch-crypto gpg call-process function

Subject: Re: [PATCH] [EMACS] Adjust notmuch-crypto gpg call-process function

Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2017 22:06:58 +0200

To: Daniel Kahn Gillmor, John Byrnes,


From: Tomi Ollila

On Wed, Jan 04 2017, Daniel Kahn Gillmor <> wrote:

> On Tue 2017-01-03 21:55:48 -0500, John Byrnes wrote:
>> I'm running the latest NixOS and noticed that the system does not
>> install gpgv1 by default. This means that the only gpg binary available
>> is the gpg2 binary.
>> I found that notmuch-crypto.el hardcodes the GnuPG binary as gpg.  I
>> thought it might make more sense to rely on the setting provided by 
>> EasyPG to locate the correct GnuPG binary.
>> The patch is quite simple - it just replaces "gpg" with the
>> epg-gpg-program variable in each place it's used.
>> -	(call-process "gpg" nil t t "--list-keys" fingerprint))
>> +	(call-process epg-gpg-program nil t t "--list-keys" fingerprint))
> I think this is reasonable.  We're already setting epg-gpg-program in
> test/, and in debian, epg-gpg-program is provided by
> epg-config.el, which is part of emacs$VERSION-el, which is a dependency
> of emacs$VERSION-common.
> If we wanted to be extra careful, we could try to make it fall back to
> plain "gpg" if epg-gpg-program is unset.

Well, I don't know how to add epg-gpg-program to this fedora 25

> fwiw, debian will be shipping gpg2 as /usr/bin/gpg in stretch, and the
> old 1.4 branch will be /usr/bin/gpg1 -- is there a reason that NixOS
> isn't shipping gpg2 as /usr/bin/gpg ?

On Fedora 25:

zsh$ rpm -q -f =gpg


zsh$ rpm -q -f =gpg2


zsh$ echo =gpg =gpg2

/usr/bin/gpg /usr/bin/gpg2


>       --dkg