Re: [PATCH] lib, ruby: make use of -Wl,--no-undefined configurable

Subject: Re: [PATCH] lib, ruby: make use of -Wl,--no-undefined configurable

Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2015 12:20:12 +0300

To: Jinwoo Lee, David Bremner,


From: Tomi Ollila

On Mon, Jun 15 2015, Jinwoo Lee <> wrote:

> On Sun, Jun 14, 2015 at 11:34 AM, David Bremner <> wrote:
>> Jinwoo Lee <> writes:
>>> When I apply those 2 patches from you, things seem to work.  I still get
>>> warnings like below, but they don't seem severe.  I'm not sure if the
>>> ruby binding actually works though.
>>> ld: warning: ignoring file ../../lib/libnotmuch.dylib, file was built for x86_64 which is not the architecture being linked (i386): ../../lib/libnotmuch.dylib
>> That one is a bit worrying, but I don't know enough about OS X to know
>> for sure. If you have time/interest, can you try running the tests in
>> Just apply the patch and make tests. That should indicate if the
>> bindings are basically working.
> Do you mean `make test', not `make tests'?
> `make test' errors saying that the bash version must be >= 4.0.  Bash on
> my mac is 3.2.57, which is the default bash installed on Yosemite.

That probably will not change; IIRC bash 3.2.57 is released under GPLv2
and bash >= 4 GPLv3. You just need to install separate bash (brew, ports,
wherever) in order to run these tests in OS X.

>     Error: The notmuch test suite requires a bash version >= 4.0
>     due to use of associative arrays within the test suite.
>     Please try again with a newer bash (or help us fix the
>     test suite to be more portable). Thanks.
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