Re: Not much database creation error

Subject: Re: Not much database creation error

Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2011 15:45:35 +0200

To: Martin Owens

Cc: Notmuch developer list, Paul Tagliamonte

From: Sebastian Spaeth

On Wed, 07 Sep 2011 01:26:59 -0400, Martin Owens <> wrote:
> As a further question, I have a program opening the database for
> READ_WRITE access (this process provides a simple write only dbus
> interface) and I want clients to connect to notmuch over a read only
> connection.
> A problem I'm having is that when I add messages to the database,
> searching using the read only interface fails to show anything.

> Is this api topology not expected/recommended/working? Please advise.

hi Martin,

I have to admit, I am not deep into the libnotmuch/xapian internals, so
I might be the wrong person to ask (I just do some python bindings to
whatever libnotmuch provides).

However, when a read-write connection changes content, I believe that
all other existing connections will return an error stating
DATABASE_MODIFIED. I think we throw (or at least are supposed to throw)
an exception in this case.

Are you seeing any exceptions or errors been thrown?  Does it not show
ANYTHING or only not the new messages?

An open database connection provides you only with a snapshot, and you
need to reopen it after content has been modified.

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