Re: Not much database creation error

Subject: Re: Not much database creation error

Date: Wed, 07 Sep 2011 01:26:59 -0400

To: Sebastian Spaeth

Cc: Notmuch developer list, Paul Tagliamonte

From: Martin Owens

Thanks Sebastian,

I'll test it as soon as I can.

As a further question, I have a program opening the database for
READ_WRITE access (this process provides a simple write only dbus
interface) and I want clients to connect to notmuch over a read only

A problem I'm having is that when I add messages to the database,
searching using the read only interface fails to show anything.

Searching using the read-write interface shows each email message being
added successfully.

Is this api topology not expected/recommended/working? Please advise.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

On Mon, 2011-09-05 at 15:57 +0200, Sebastian Spaeth wrote:
> Let me know if this fixes things.