Re: [EMACS] feature proposal (with code): notmuch-rainbow-tags.el

Subject: Re: [EMACS] feature proposal (with code): notmuch-rainbow-tags.el

Date: Wed, 01 Sep 2021 17:57:34 +0200

To: Alexander Adolf, David Bremner, Dan Čermák


From: Tom Hirschowitz

Sure, there you go. Only a small sample, but mostly the problem was
that, for some of the tags, the background and foreground colors were
too close for my old eyes.



> Hello Tom,
> Tom Hirschowitz <> writes:
>> Well, here's one: I tried it with my usual theme, which is rather dark,
>> and it looked bad. Tried to fiddle with it a bit, but not long enough to
>> succeed, whence gave up.
>> [...]
> Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
> Would it seem overly onerous to make a screenshot, an explain what you
> disliked/would have expected? Happy to adapt the defaults, or have
> different defaults for dark and light modes.
> Many thanks and looking forward to your thoughts,
>   --alexander
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