Re: T350-crypto T357-index-decryption: possible race condition?

Subject: Re: T350-crypto T357-index-decryption: possible race condition?

Date: Sat, 27 May 2023 09:12:01 -0300

To: Michael J Gruber, Michael J Gruber


From: David Bremner

Michael J Gruber <> writes:

> David Bremner venit, vidit, dixit 2023-05-12 21:17:45:
>> Michael J Gruber <> writes:
>> > oh well, attachments ...
>> >
>> Can you encrypt to the key 6D92612D94E46381 interactively using an
>> approriately simplified version of that command?
> Took me a while, sorry. In that chroot:
> ```
> <mock-chroot> sh-5.2# gpg --no-tty --import ./test/gnupg-secret-key.asc
> gpg: directory '/builddir/.gnupg' created
> gpg: /builddir/.gnupg/trustdb.gpg: trustdb created
> gpg: key 6D92612D94E46381: public key "Notmuch Test Suite <> (INSECURE!)" imported
> gpg: key 6D92612D94E46381: secret key imported
> gpg: Total number processed: 1
> gpg:               imported: 1
> gpg:       secret keys read: 1
> gpg:   secret keys imported: 1
> <mock-chroot> sh-5.2# echo supersecret | gpg -ear 6D92612D94E46381
> gpg: C44D36DEAD54AB16: There is no assurance this key belongs to the named user
> sub  rsa1024/C44D36DEAD54AB16 2011-02-05 Notmuch Test Suite <> (INSECURE!)
>  Primary key fingerprint: 5AEA B11F 5E33 DCE8 75DD  B75B 6D92 612D 94E4 6381
>       Subkey fingerprint: 8987 5467 478A A81C EBD5  2E7E C44D 36DE AD54 AB16

I'm not sure if this is the main issue, but in commit bf8aa34324cc91a
that key was replaced by an ed255519 key

Did the fedora sources get out of synch somehow?


PS. Currently spinning up a Fedora Rawhide VM to see if I can duplicate
the issue without the packaging infrastructure.
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