Re: T350-crypto T357-index-decryption: possible race condition?

Subject: Re: T350-crypto T357-index-decryption: possible race condition?

Date: Thu, 11 May 2023 14:49:27 -0600

To: Michael J Gruber,


From: David Bremner

Michael J Gruber <> writes:

> Building notmuch 0.37 with my usual spec-file as a rawhide-mock build
> (a local chroot for the development "version" of Fedora which will
> become Fedora 39) I see:
> ```
> T350-crypto: Testing PGP/MIME signature verification and decryption
>  PASS   emacs delivery of signed message via fcc
>  PASS   emacs delivery of signed message via fcc and smtp
>  PASS   signed part content-type indexing
>  PASS   signature verification
>  PASS   detection of modified signed contents
>  PASS   corrupted pgp/mime signature
>  PASS   signature verification without full user ID validity
>  PASS   signature verification with signer key unavailable
> ```
> There the suite "hangs" for about 2 minutes, followed by

This sounds suspiciously like "timeout" kicking in and killing a test
that is taking too long. You can set NOTMUCH_TEST_TIMEOUT in the
environment to some smaller/larger number to test this.

The first subtest in T357 is also sending an encrypted message, so it
looks like some bad interaction between gpg and emacs. Maybe you can try
sending an encrypted message from emacs interactively in your chroot

0) you will first need to run 

   gpg --no-tty --import ./test/openpgp4-secret-key.asc 

this will create a keyring etc... in the chroot

1) You can use the script

./devel/try-emacs-mua -q

2) Copy the following into *scratch* and run with C-j after the last
closing paren (this is just copied from the test suite internals)

(let ((message-send-mail-function (lambda () t))
      (mail-host-address ""))
  (insert "\nDate: 01 Jan 2000 12:00:00 -0000")
  (insert "My Subject")
  (insert "a body")
  (let ((mml-secure-smime-sign-with-sender t)
	(mml-secure-openpgp-sign-with-sender t))

You will probably need to answer "c" to create the sent-mail folder at
the prompt.

> ```
> In the end, the suite complains:
> ```
> '/builddir/build/BUILD/notmuch-0.37/test/test-results/T350-crypto'
> does not exist!
> '/builddir/build/BUILD/notmuch-0.37/test/test-results/T357-index-decryption'
> does not exist!
> ```
> At least for T350 this is strange because several subtests ran and
> passed! This indicates a race or a wrong signal trap.

Note that those files are summaries created by test_done, so it's not
that surprising that they are not there, since test_done is not reached
in those files.
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