Re: Fixed Message-ID trouble

Subject: Re: Fixed Message-ID trouble

Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2023 13:52:52 +0300



From: Teemu Likonen

* 2023-09-25 11:54:07+0300, Teemu Likonen wrote:

> Some person on debian-user mailing list seems to be sending messages
> with fixed Message-ID field: the same ID in different messages. In
> Notmuch it is creating trouble because it connects unrelated threads to
> one. The person has different messages in different threads but Notmuch
> thinks they are the same message because the Message-ID is the same.
> This is potentially a "denial of service" for Notmuch. Well, not quite,
> but is harmful nonetheless. How would a Notmuch user fix the mess or
> protect himself against it?

I am no longer sure if this issue is caused by fixed "Message-ID" or
wrong "References" or "In-Reply-To" values. Anyway, someone has created
real mess anyway because Notmuch combines originally separate threads
now and forever.

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