Re: Fixed Message-ID trouble

Subject: Re: Fixed Message-ID trouble

Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2023 15:00:40 +0300

To: Daniel Corbe


From: Teemu Likonen

* 2023-09-25 07:33:23-0400, Daniel Corbe wrote:

> Silly question, I know, but have you actually tried reaching out to
> the user?

Not silly, but I don't even know who the person is. All I see is the
mess, and everything else is my interpretation of the cause. Notmuch
Emacs tree mode shows messages' relations but they are not accurate if
references are messed up. It's difficult to dig into Message-ID level of

Perhaps my wish is that there was an easy way to break threads: mark a
message as origin of a new thread. Or perhaps I just use my custom
ignore mechanism to mark messed threads automatically as read and move

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