Re: Address Completion

Subject: Re: Address Completion

Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2017 21:38:12 +0300

To: Jörg Volbers,


From: Tomi Ollila

On Mon, Apr 10 2017, Jörg Volbers <> wrote:

> Hello,
> If I press <TAB> looking for an address while writing mail, 
> vanilla notmuch offers me one preselected candidate. Since I use 
> ivy-mode, this canididate narrows down the list of all candidates, 
> forcing me to delete the initial input (C-a C-k)  before I can 
> select among this list.

Do you use 'internal completion or separate command to find completions ?

If internal, the first choice would be to install `company' package from
ELPA (I don't know how it works with separate command -- which I use,
with selection-menu). Company-mode provides nice popup where to choose
completions from.

If that is not an option, someone(tm) could provide a patch which, based
on (fboundp 'ivy-read) uses either ivy-read or completing-read, with their
specific options for completion (what I saw about ivy-read that looks
pretty good). OTOH, if someone(tm) can show (completing-read ...) which
works good as is, or when wrapped with ivy, such patches might just be

FWIW, I've used the following code in my notmuch setup like forever...:

require 'selection-menu)
(setq notmuch-address-selection-function
      (lambda (prompt collection initial-input)
        (selection-menu "Send To:" (cons initial-input collection) t)))


> I currently override this behavior by setting 
> notmuch-address-selection-function to my own function:
>  (defun jv-notmuch--address-selection (prompt collection 
>  initial-input) 
>    (completing-read 
>      prompt collection nil nil orig 'notmuch-address-history)) 
>  (setq notmuch-address-selection-function 
>  #'jv-notmuch--address-selection) 
> This works as intended.
> Now my question: Is this something specific to ivy-mode, and would 
> it be possible to add an option which simulates the above behavior 
> (basically, using the pre-set variable 'orig' instead of 
> (car-options) in notmuch-address-expand-name), so that I do not 
> need to insert my own function which adds no functionality?
> Thanks (also for CC me via PM)
> And by the way, notmuch really is great, thank you for this 
> software!
> Jörg
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