Re: [PATCH v2]: contrib/notmuch-mutt

Subject: Re: [PATCH v2]: contrib/notmuch-mutt

Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2012 21:35:41 -0300

To: Stefano Zacchiroli,


From: David Bremner

David Bremner <> writes:

> On Thu, 29 Mar 2012 15:35:38 +0200, Stefano Zacchiroli <> wrote:
> I tried out these patches, and they seem to work (to the limit of my
> mutt knowledge).  I did notice a minor grammar issue in the DESCRIPTION
> of the man page, "capable of populating maildir" should be "a maildir"
> or "maildirs". In general for notmuch commit messages we expect a bit
> more of the rationale for the commit; in this case a few lines about the
> general purpose and (conceiveably) the implementation of notmuch-mutt
> would be welcome. See ebd1adc55b for a (probably overkill) example.

In a fit of enthusiasm/clumsiness, I applied and pushed the previous
version, so feel free to send future updates on top of those.