Re: all intermediate drafts appear in threads (v0.24.2, Emacs 25.2)

Subject: Re: all intermediate drafts appear in threads (v0.24.2, Emacs 25.2)

Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2017 07:42:51 -0300

To: Sanjoy Mahajan,


From: David Bremner

Sanjoy Mahajan <> writes:

> I save an outgoing email as I write it and often (as if it were a
> regular document) by using the usual Emacs key sequence C-x C-s.  With
> notmuch v0.24, notmuch saves a proper draft each time I use C-x C-s.
> The result is a million drafts, which may be good.
> However, it means that the thread view (in notmuch-show mode) includes
> the zillion drafts.  Attached is a screenshot of what I mean (sorry that
> it is so small -- I downsampled it to get within the message-size
> limit).  I made the example by sending myself (sanjoy@localhost) a short
> msg.  Then I replied to it with 'r', and saved the reply a few times
> (first with "Draft v1" as the body text, the next time with "Draft v2",
> etc.).

It could be a nice feature to toggle visibility of drafts (and other
excluded messages) in notmuch-show mode. So far nobody wrote such a

Two things you might find useful to know:

    - you can resume editing a previous draft with 'e'
    - autosaving does not create drafts

If it really bugs you, you could override the binding C-x C-s in
notmuch-show mode.