Re: notmuch-mutt: Use of uninitialized value.

Subject: Re: notmuch-mutt: Use of uninitialized value.

Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2013 14:35:35 -0800


Cc: Stefano Zacchiroli, Profpatsch

From: Kevin J. McCarthy

Profpatsch wrote:
> Since I don’t get your bug tracking system (d’oh ;), here is a bug I
> encountered with notmuch-mutt using this macro I guess was from the
> “official” tutorial:
> # Construct a thread ouf of the marked mail (or something like that,
> # doesn’t work atm (errors out))
>     macro index <F9> \
>         "<enter-command>unset wait_key<enter><pipe-message> \
> 	/usr/bin/notmuch-mutt thread<enter><change-folder-readonly> \
> 	~/.cache/notmuch/mutt/results/<enter> \
> 	<enter-command>set wait_key<enter>" \
> 	                "search and reconstruct owning thread (using
> 			notmuch)"
> I hope this still works, best to put it on one line I guess.

Mutt macros can behave strangely if you try to break them into multiple
lines.  So my first suggestion is to try setting your macro to exactly
how it's shown in the tutorial and see if that fixes the problem.  (I
admit that this is not likely your problem though, as notmuch-mutt is

A more likely idea is to check whether you have $pipe_decode set.
If you have this set, you need to make sure you are not weeding out
message-id with 'ignore'.

In fact, I've just tried this, and I can replicate the problem and exact
error messages with these settings:

  set pipe_decode
  ignore *
  unignore From Date To Cc Bcc Subject

Adding this will fix the problem:
  unignore Message-ID


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