Re: notmuch-mutt: Use of uninitialized value.

Subject: Re: notmuch-mutt: Use of uninitialized value.

Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2013 00:36:58 +0100

To:, Stefano Zacchiroli


From: Profpatsch

On 13-02-13 02:35pm, Kevin J. McCarthy wrote:
> A more likely idea is to check whether you have $pipe_decode set.
> If you have this set, you need to make sure you are not weeding out
> message-id with 'ignore'.
> In fact, I've just tried this, and I can replicate the problem and exact
> error messages with these settings:
>   set pipe_decode
>   ignore *
>   unignore From Date To Cc Bcc Subject
> Adding this will fix the problem:
>   unignore Message-ID

So much for copying a basic rc from someone else.
Of course, that was it and I’m officially an idiot.

And apparently Mail::Internet errors out if there is no Message-ID.
(Which mentioned in the docs at CPAN…)

Mystery solved.


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