Re: notmuch-mutt: Use of uninitialized value.

Subject: Re: notmuch-mutt: Use of uninitialized value.

Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2013 19:08:51 +0100



From: Profpatsch

On 13-02-13 05:26pm, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> OK, I understand the problem now. Although I don't understand how it's
> possible. Can you please do the following test:
> - go on a mail, try <F9> on it to ensure it exhibit the bad behavior
>   you've reported

It does.

> - find out the Message-Id of that mail, e.g.
> "20130213095752.GA20009@foobar"
> - on a shell prompt, try:
>     notmuch search --output=threads id:20130213095752.GA20009@foobar
> - it should give you something like
>   thread:0000000000018bce

% notmuch search --output=threads

% notmuch search thread:0000000000000566
thread:0000000000000566  Today 04:59 [39/39] […]

So it’s not notmuch.

Bear in mind that I use Arch, so this is the version on my system atm:

This is the bad guy:
sub get_message_id() {
    my $mail = Mail::Internet->new(\*STDIN);
    $mail->head->get("message-id") =~ /^<(.*)>$/;# get message-id #l.124
    return $1;

I’m not much of a perl coder (not at all to be exact), but
    Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at
    /usr/bin/notmuch-mutt line 124, <STDIN> line 66.
sounds suspiciously like nothing gets read out of STDIN and $mail is
definitely not a Mail::Internet object.


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