Re: [afew] announcing afew, an universal tagging solution with some fancy features

Subject: Re: [afew] announcing afew, an universal tagging solution with some fancy features

Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2011 15:13:51 +0100

To: Patrick Totzke,


From: Justus Winter

Hey Pazz :)

Quoting Patrick Totzke (2011-12-14 17:59:43)
>Hi Justus,
>I have just tried your script and have some questions/remarks about it:
>* mkdir -p ~/.config/afew ~/.local/share/afew/categories
>  As far as I can see, this is not needed if one doesn't use ClassifyingFilter,
>  so its OK not to do this directly from the somehow.
>  But it would be nice if a first run uf `afew --learn` would
>  create these (or die gracefully instead of raising the afew.DBACL.BackendError).

Ah yes. Good point...

>* if you renamed the README & co to include the suffix ".md" github would nicely
>  render them on the project page.

Will do that.

>* I need some more info on how the config works: first, the order in which the
>  sections are defined specifies the filter-pipeline yes?


>  Secondly, what exactly is a "filter object" in the config?

Well, you can define filter types either in the configuration file or
in pure python code (see afew/filters). To use them, you need to
create instances of these types.

The config file is just another way of defining python classes and
creating objects. See afew/ for details.

>  Specifically, what do these 3 lines do:

They create two objects (ShitFilter.0 and ShitFilter.1) of type
ShitFilter (defined in line 32-33). ShitFilter inherits from
SpamFilter and adjusts the message field. ShitFilter.1 also customizes
the message.

>* this is surely a user error: I cannot use afew for initial tagging as expected:
>  I installed as stated in the README,
>  trained some of my existing tags and called `afew --update-reference` and `afew --update`.
>  The test with `afew --classify -- ..` works nicely.
>  Now I tagges all my mails with is:new, and called `afew --tag --new`.
>  This returns immediately without output and all my messages are still tagged new.
>  Also, -vv does not result in any output..
>  ideas?

Is your new tag called 'is:new'? Mine is just called 'new'. That could
be a problem since 'new' as tag for new mails is currently hardcoded
at various locations. I thought it was universally accepted, but then
again hardcoding these things is obviously a bad practice...

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