Re: [afew] announcing afew,

Subject: Re: [afew] announcing afew,

Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2011 13:10:46 +0100

To: Kazuo Teramoto,


From: Justus Winter

Quoting Kazuo Teramoto (2011-12-14 12:24:14)
>an universal tagging solution with some fancy features
>From: Kazuo Teramoto <>
>In-Reply-To: <>
>On 2011-12-14T08:42:36, Justus Winter wrote:
>>I'd like to introduce my initial tagging approach, afew tags:
>Very good! Thanks for it. I'm using it as my only filtering/tagging
>solutions and works great.
>I created a Arch Linux PKGBUILD, it can be find at [aur]

Cool :)

> (about it,
>Justus how you define the afew license? I put a 'unknown' in the license
>as I can give it a names like BSD or GPL or WTFPL).

afew is licensed under a modern BSD license (I used the openbsd
license). It is included in every source file.

>>* works with both python2.7 and python3.2
>Python 3 support need the patch set you send to the list, correct?


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