Re: Patch: Flush and Reopen

Subject: Re: Patch: Flush and Reopen

Date: Fri, 09 Sep 2011 08:06:14 -0300

To: Martin Owens, Notmuch developer list


From: David Bremner

Thanks for sending your patch. We are kind of limping along as far as
patch integration at the moment. It would help if you could seperate out
the parts you think are bugs from the new features part of your patches, 
then the bug-fixes could get looked at sooner.

On Thu, 08 Sep 2011 22:54:21 -0400, Martin Owens <> wrote:

> This fails to build on Ubuntu maverick with the extra .3 and I see no
> reason to have that sub-minor version. Pushing it in would probably be
> useful unless there is a real reason.

I'm afraid in this case your change conflicts with the documentation
for dh_python2, so I'd some more convincing before I pushed that.

I was also puzzled by your changes to debian/changelog. We really need
justification for every little change introduced by the patch; this is
another reason it helps to split things up a bit.