Re: Selection bug

Subject: Re: Selection bug

Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2022 13:43:41 -0300

To: Justus Winter,


From: David Bremner

Justus Winter <> writes:

> there is a bug in notmuch emacs that is mildly annoying.  Sometimes when
> I refresh my search buffer, and there are new mails, the topmost
> (i.e. newest) message seems to be selected (i.e. with green background),
> but in fact if i hit enter (or do any other state changing action like
> tagging), notmuch emacs acts on the previously selected message.  There
> is a visual clue to that, the block cursor is still on that previously
> selected message.
> Still, I think it is a bug, and because the green background dominates
> the block cursor, I run into this all the time.

Hi Justus;

That should be hl-line-mode, not sure why it's not tracking your
cursor. Can you duplicate the issue in emacs -q? Also, what version of
emacs is this?

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