Re: performance in emacs displaying a huge thread

Subject: Re: performance in emacs displaying a huge thread

Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2020 21:15:59 +0100

To: Alan Schmitt, notmuch


From: Örjan Ekeberg

Hi Alan,

Alan Schmitt <> writes:
> September 07 [13/5767] 
> It takes forever to display (I've waited a few minutes and it was still
> stuck). I know it's a lot of messages, so is there a way to just display
> the 13 that match? Or to limit the total number of messages displayed?

I think opening the thread with C-U RET instead of RET does exactly
that, i.e. only shows the matching messages.

In less extreme cases, using tree view (ALT-RET) may be an option since
it does not have to format the contents of the entire thread.

I have a vague recollection that someone pointed out that it is the
indentation that takes most of the time and that turning off indentation
speeds up the display of huge threads.

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