Re: Notmuch search missing mail id

Subject: Re: Notmuch search missing mail id

Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2012 19:50:31 +0200

To: James Vasile, notmuch mailing list


From: Tomi Ollila

On Mon, Oct 29 2012, James Vasile <> wrote:

> I received the attached piece of spam telling me about an exciting
> investment opportunity.  Notmuch pulled it in to the database, noting
> the message id.  But then it seems to stop paying attention to the
> message id.
> notmuch can find the mail when I search by the from field:
> $ notmuch search "from:caroline horn"
> thread:000000000000bcb7  Today 09:29 [1/1] Caroline Horn; This Company is on the rise (hv inbox unread)
> But not by the message id:
> $ notmuch search id:000801cdb5da$17673470$26448589@microsof000000t4ko3r
> $


$ notmuch search id:'000801cdb5da$17673470$26448589@microsof000000t4ko3r'

so that the $....s are not expanded...

note that id:"..." does not suffice as shell expands $ & ` inside double


> Notmuch has correctly pulled the id into the database:
> $ notmuch show "from:caroline horn" | grep "id:" | sed "s/.*\(id:[^ ]*\).*/\1/"
> id:000801cdb5da$17673470$26448589@microsof000000t4ko3r
> If notmuch knows the id but won't match it in a search, that looks like
> a bug to me.
> On a related matter, I have a script that pulls the message id header
> From a mail file and then uses notmuch tag id:foo to tag that file.  But
> if notmuch sometimes fails to find the id, maybe there is there a better
> way to do it?
> Thanks,
> James
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