Re: viewing duplicate messages

Subject: Re: viewing duplicate messages

Date: Thu, 30 May 2019 19:02:57 -0400

To: Jorge P. de Morais Neto, Notmuch Mail


From: Daniel Kahn Gillmor

On Thu 2019-05-30 19:11:22 -0300, Jorge P. de Morais Neto wrote:
> I have a Dell laptop and I subscribed to email notifications about
> firmware updates.  It turns out that Dell sends all such notifications
> (which obviously have different content) with the same message-id.

Have you reported this to Dell?  This sounds like something that anyone
at Dell who understands the technical issues would want to fix.  If
you've reported it publicly, i'd appreciate a pointer to the discussion.

If you'd care to forward me a zipfile containing examples of at least
two distinct messages with the same message ID, i'd love to look through
a copy of this sort of confusion.  It's good to understand the different
ways these sort of things go wrong.

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