Re: [PATCH] emacs: add new option notmuch-search-exclude

Subject: Re: [PATCH] emacs: add new option notmuch-search-exclude

Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2022 11:02:31 -0300

To: Mohsin Kaleem,


From: David Bremner

Mohsin Kaleem <> writes:

> David Bremner <> writes:
> Hi, firstly sorry for taking so long to come back to this. I honestly
> have tried to fix this multiple times since my last message but kept
> getting confused or misdirected by how the tests are setup so I gave up
> and decided to come back to it later. Today I finally just sped through
> everything and think I have everything ready.

I think the patch series needs a bit of cleanup still. The first two
patches occur twice and then a later patch is reverted (so presumably
those two can be dropped as well).

If possible, please use git send-email to send one-patch-per-message, it
makes reviewing in notmuch-emacs much easier for me.

You may also want to rebase against master before resending, since I
have just a applied some changes to the emacs UI code that might collide
with yours.

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