have "notmuch help" call man?

Subject: have "notmuch help" call man?

Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2011 12:01:42 -0400

To: Notmuch Mail


From: David Bremner

Hi All;

Currently help strings are compiled into the notmuch binary. This is a
bit a of pain, since we have the same help text in two places.
What do you think about having "notmuch help foo" invoke "man
notmuch-foo" and create appropriate man pages (or links).

There are other ways around the maintenance dilemma, including
generating man pages and online help from some common source (e.g. in
the style of id:"1288804736-5173-3-git-send-email-david@tethera.net").

For downsides, it might complicate things slightly for people who
install notmuch in "odd" places. On the other hand, it is no worse than
setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Also, there is the question of common text like
search-terms, which could be included in every page, or maybe contained
in man notmuch.