Re: bug related to ical

Subject: Re: bug related to ical

Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2012 09:57:57 +0300

To: Aaron Ecay, Robert Horn,


From: Tomi Ollila

On Wed, Sep 26 2012, Aaron Ecay wrote:

> The problem is in the ‘notmuch-show-insert-part-text/calendar’
> function.  The call to ‘icalendar--convert-ical-to-diary’ does not
> create a buffer visiting the temp file, so the call to ‘set-buffer’
> fails.  The following patch fixes the problem.
> The ical->diary conversion also doesn’t seem to work – the calendar
> attachment shows up as an empty part – but I guess that’s a separate
> issue (and not addressed by the patch).
> I guess that part insertion handlers should be called inside a
> ‘condition-case’, so that an error inside of one can be recovered from,
> and doesn’t entirely derail the insertion of the messages in the buffer.
> (I actually made this patch because I was so annoyed that Olivier’s
> buggy test attachment made it impossible for me to read Tomi’s reply.)

My reply was:


   I am "top-posting" as the content is not from Olivier's mail
   id:"" but from my email

   For some reason notmuch emacs client references to my email instead
   of Olivier's when pressing 'V', any of the stash commands, reply or
   so on. Maybe that has something to do accessing the ical content
   (i.e. emacs client access the ical part from wrong message).

   Do others experience the same behaviour ?


When I hand-applied Aaron's patch and re-evaluated 
(defun notmuch-show-insert-part-text/calendar ...) and reopened
this thread those things I mentioned above started to work OK :)

Aaron: could you provide the patch in format suitable for git-am
so it could be easily applied (and hopefully quickly, provided
that we get reviewers to look at it immediately :)


> ----- cut here -----
> diff --git i/emacs/notmuch-show.el w/emacs/notmuch-show.el
> index ce5ea6f..4c89d7e 100644
> --- i/emacs/notmuch-show.el
> +++ w/emacs/notmuch-show.el
> @@ -746,7 +746,7 @@ message at DEPTH in the current thread."
>  	      (icalendar--convert-ical-to-diary
>  	       (icalendar--read-element nil nil)
>  	       file t)
> -	      (set-buffer (get-file-buffer file))
> +	      (set-buffer (find-file-noselect file))
>  	      (setq result (buffer-substring (point-min) (point-max)))
>  	      (set-buffer-modified-p nil)
>  	      (kill-buffer (current-buffer))
> ----- cut here -----
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