converting attachments to text

Subject: converting attachments to text

Date: Tue, 03 Jan 2017 18:27:23 +1100



From: Bart Bunting


Just looking for some pointers.

I have to deal with quite a few emails with attachments in either pdf or
word format.

I'm on a mac so can use applescript or something pdftotext or similar to
convert them to text.

I'm blind so use emacspeak as my primary interface.  Having an easy way
to convert the notmuch attachments to text other than saving to a file
and processing them would greatly speed up my workflow.

Is there something in existance already to do this sort of thing?

I have a little rudimentary lisp skill so can hack something up if
someone can give me some pointers on a direction to head in.

Any advice appreciated.

Kind regards


Kind regards

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