Re: notmuch.el, needs without-restriction to properly save draft

Subject: Re: notmuch.el, needs without-restriction to properly save draft

Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2024 16:00:25 -0700

To: Marc Fargas,


From: Carl Worth

On Wed, Mar 13 2024, Marc Fargas wrote:
> Hi there,

Hi, Marc!

> I'm not sure if this is the appropiate mailing list for bugs regarding
> notmuch.el (Notmuch in Emacs). Also, I'm not subscribed so please keep
> me in CC!

Yes, this is a fine place to report things

> I recently noticed that when saving drafts in notmuch I would loose all
> the headers that are not normally visible on the compose
> buffer. References, In-Reply-To and the likes.

Thanks for the bug report, as well as the fix you provided. I haven't
run it, but it looks totally reasonable.

> Note that when resuming the draft later on all headers will be visible,
> still working out how to restore the narrow restriction there.

That seems worth chasing down, but shouldn't prevent the acceptance of
your fix here which seems like only progress in the right direction.

Could you put your fix together in the form of a git-appliable patch?
Such as by applying it to the notmuch source, running `git commit` and
then `git format-patch HEAD~` or similar.

Thanks again,

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