Re: Address Completion No Longer Working

Subject: Re: Address Completion No Longer Working

Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2018 02:17:19 +0000

To: Tomi Ollila,


From: david wen riccardi-zhu

Thanks, Tomi. So far, I can confirm that completion works with 
emacs -Q, but not with company. I'm looking into that more now.

Tomi Ollila <> writes:

> On Sun, Mar 11 2018, david wen riccardi-zhu wrote: 
>> Address completion worked out of the box for me with notmuch 
>> and Emacs. Recently, it's stopped working. I've tried setting 
>> notmuch-address-command to internal, as well as toggling 
>> notmuch-address-toggle-internal-completion, but neither has 
>> been able to return the functionality. 
>> I am able to get notmuch address to work on the command line. 
>> I use: Arch Linux X86-64, Kernel 4.15.7-1-ARCH fish shell 
>> notmuch 0.26 Emacs 25.3.1 company-mode 
>> Any insights on how I might get autocompletion working again? 
> Try running emacs -Q to remove the potential effect of your own 
> configuration files (if you have notmuch cloned you can also try 
> to execude ./devel/try-emacs-mua to do that). 
> If problem persists, resend your issue w/ updated information. 
> Tomi 
>> -- dwrz|朱为文 

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