Re: Bug#628018: [PATCH] notmuch-mutt utility for notmuch/contrib/

Subject: Re: Bug#628018: [PATCH] notmuch-mutt utility for notmuch/contrib/

Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2012 13:03:32 -0600

To: Stefano Zacchiroli


From: Scott Barker

FYI, I use the following in my .muttrc, which includes an expansion of $HOME
in <change-folder-readonly>, and it works fine:

  macro index / "<shell-escape>mutt-notmuch --prompt search<enter><change-folder-readonly>$HOME/.cache/mutt_results<enter>" "notmuch search"

On Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 05:29:02PM +0200, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 08:09:13AM -0700, Jameson Graef Rollins wrote:
> > > Another thing is this .cache hardcoding. Should this be resolved
> > > first by using $XDG_CACHE_HOME, (then *MAYBE* $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/.cache)
> > > and finally $HOME/.cache
> > 
> > These are good points.  I agree that since ~/.cache is an XDG standard
> > we should resolve the appropriate environment variables.
> Heya, thanks for your feedback. I agree as well!
> But while it's trivial to make notmuch-mutt itself support
> $XDG_CACHE_HOME, it is less so for the Mutt configuration snippet
> (i.e. the notmuch-mutt.rc file which is part of my submission). AFAICT
> the <change-folder-readonly> function does not support variable
> expansions, not to mention default values while doing so. As a result, I
> can easily support $XDG_CACHE_HOME for, say, the history file, but I
> don't know how to make mutt look in some $XDG_CACHE_HOME derived
> directory. (Yes, I'm excluding hackish solutions like have mutt look
> always in the same dir, and make that dir a "moving" symlink that will
> be changed by notmuch-mutt upon execution. That seems to defeat the
> benefits of the XDG specification, at least partly.)
> Bottom line: I'll be happy to properly support $XDG_CACHE_HOME, but I'm
> in need on suggestions of how to do so for the Mutt configuration part.
> > If notmuch-mutt is accepted into notmuch upstream then it really becomes
> > a part of notmuch and isn't really "public" anymore (at least in the
> > sense that you're using).  So I don't really see any problem with having
> > it use ~/.cache/notmuch.
> My thought exactly.
> The proposal of documenting how people should use ~/.cache/notmuch is
> great, but I was hoping it can be overlooked for contrib stuff that has
> been vetted by you folks.
> Thanks for your help (and for notmuch!)
> Cheers.
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