[BUG] "Error: Cannot open database…" when loading config

Alyssa Ross| David Bremner

2023 Dec 03 15:03

bug: notmuch-show buffer bug due to `display-line-numbers-mode`.

Kariiem Taha

2023 Sep 02 18:03

Hiding hidden image

Jon Fineman| David Bremner

2023 Aug 10 23:25

bugreport: notmuch-hello (debian package elpa-notmuch 0.37-1)

Boruch Baum| David Bremner, Alexander Adolf

2022 Dec 29 12:23

More usable error messages when exceptions are not caught

Thomas Schneider| David Bremner, Tomi Ollila

2022 Dec 02 19:05

Test failure in Ubuntu 22.04 and 22.10 (new test)

Gianfranco Costamagna| David Bremner, Michael J Gruber, Tomi Ollila

2022 Oct 06 10:13

feature request: notmuch-show-print-message w/prefix to print PS to file

Alexander Adolf| David Bremner

2022 Aug 26 16:05

nmweb HTML injection

Jakub Wilk| Michael J Gruber, David Bremner

2022 Aug 22 06:47

[bug]: notmuch-emacs: notmuch-show: "c F" shows same file name for different instances of duplicate messages

Gregor Zattler| David Bremner

2022 Aug 04 09:03

Overriding mm-inline-override-types in notmuch-show

Al Haji-Ali| David Bremner

2022 Jul 25 17:08

Database location bug when database does not already exist

Sean Whitton| David Bremner

2022 Jul 18 20:26

sexp and strings

David Bremner| erik colson, Michael J Gruber

2022 Jun 13 18:39

Forcing a sync of maildir flags?

Sean Whitton, David Bremner| Gregor Zattler

2020 Feb 21 through 2022 May 03

[Wishlist] Add equivalent of lastmod:nnn.. to sexp query parser

David Bremner

2022 Apr 18 14:23

[BUG] Bad quote in help

Rudolf Adamkovič| Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2022 Feb 16 06:40

[PATCH] test: fix support for gpgsm in gnupg 2.3

Stig Palmquist| David Bremner

2022 Jan 11 13:12

Memory leak in notmuch_database_destroy()

Austin Ray| David Bremner

2022 Jan 05 22:45

use after free in python notmuch2 bindings

David Bremner| Floris Bruynooghe

2022 Jan 02 13:51

Python notmuch2 bridge, something changed in the Database constructor

Lele Gaifax| David Bremner, Floris Bruynooghe

2021 Dec 24 07:09

[bug] handle .notmuch without xapian/ more gracefully

David Bremner| Tomi Ollila

2021 Dec 14 12:47

[PATCH 2/2] test/libconfig: add two tests for the config = "" case

David Bremner

2021 Dec 11 12:49

Configurable deleted tags in notmuch-emacs

João Pedro| David Bremner, João Pedro de Amorim Paula

2021 Nov 27 21:20

Test file for included rfc822

David Bremner

2021 Nov 03 09:46

problem with message headers in python bindings

David Bremner

2021 Oct 26 01:27

notmuch-emacs: Add option to set -exclude=false in notmuch search/tree

Mohsin Kaleem| David Bremner, Gregor Zattler

2021 Oct 25 11:14

configure checks for python3-notmuch2 module

David Bremner| Michael J Gruber, Tomi Ollila

2021 Jul 11 21:29

Test failures with notmuch 0.32 and 0.32.1 on openSUSE

David Bremner, Dan Čermák| Michael J Gruber, Tomi Ollila

2021 Jun 08 13:14

difficulty in rendering S/MIME signature status from some certificates

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| David Edmondson, David Bremner

2021 May 26 23:32

[PATCH] lib/notmuch_database_reopen: reload some database metada

David Bremner| Michael J Gruber, Alexander Adolf

2021 May 12 12:07

Breakage after updating to 0.32 (database and path issues)

Jack Kamm| David Bremner

2021 May 09 17:54

Two perceived query language imbalances

Alexander Adolf| David Bremner, Michael J Gruber

2021 Apr 27 11:34

emacs: Use of seq-some breaks 'nil' values in notmuch-fcc-dirs

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen| David Bremner, Jonas Bernoulli

2021 Feb 07 15:24

failure in emacs notmuch-show: notmuch-show--register-cids: Wrong type argument: char-or-string-p, nil

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| Jonas Bernoulli, Tomi Ollila

2021 Jan 03 05:33

Notmuch Emacs 0.31.2 documentation and keybinding suggestions

Jorge P. de Morais Neto| David Bremner, Jose Antonio Ortega Ruiz, Ralph Seichter, Tomi Ollila

2020 Nov 25 17:05

T355-smime.sh is flaky

David Bremner

2020 Nov 10 12:25

Compacting the database: xapian-compact vs notmuch-compact

Antoine Amarilli| David Bremner

2020 Aug 05 09:30

[Kevin McCarthy] Bug#966100: notmuch-mutt: symlinking now fails for indexed mailboxes with a space in the name

David Bremner| Stefano Zacchiroli, Tomi Ollila, Kevin J. McCarthy, Greg Anders

2020 Jul 23 09:50

notmuch_database_index_file with relative paths.

David Bremner

2020 Jul 17 11:10

setting NOTMUCH_CONFIG in hooks

Uwe Kleine-König| David Bremner, Michael J Gruber

2020 Jun 03 06:24

broken bash completion

Uwe Kleine-König

2020 Jun 02 10:37

doc build warnings when building out-of-tree

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| David Bremner, Tomi Ollila

2020 May 26 17:03

python-cffi and ruby test suites fail in out-of-tree builds

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| Floris Bruynooghe, David Bremner

2020 May 22 01:29

test suite: FIXED messages are misordered with tests

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| David Bremner, Tomi Ollila

2020 May 12 22:03

Strip spaces in `tags` in `~/.notmuch-config` (and other fields)

Ciprian Dorin Craciun| David Bremner, Ciprian Craciun

2020 Apr 24 10:36

notmuch-crypto.el: "‘notmuch-show-get-message-id’ is not known to be defined"

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| Örjan Ekeberg, David Edmondson, David Bremner

2020 Mar 18 02:35

BUG: unexpected prompt for Recipients during Fcc

Antoine Beaupré

2020 Mar 06 19:34

[wishlist bug] support custom ":count-query" attribute in notmuch-search

Nicholas D Steeves

2020 Feb 09 23:57

Feature request: show message size in Emacs

Jorge P. de Morais Neto

2020 Jan 16 22:16

wish: notmuch-emacs: handle RFC822 attachments as email (allow for replying)

Gregor Zattler| David Edmondson, Daniel Kahn Gillmor

2019 Nov 13 08:42

[martin f krafft] Bug#941214: mutt zsh completion broken, -a does not take email address

David Bremner

2019 Sep 26 17:42

notmuch-emacs: WISH: command notmuch-show-message-up with key bindung u

Gregor Zattler| David Bremner, Daniel Kahn Gillmor, David Edmondson, Tomi Ollila

2019 Aug 25 10:02

Emacs: UI problems with messages excluded by several tags

Teemu Likonen| David Bremner

2019 Jul 19 12:43

stitching threads (v3 14/17)

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| David Bremner, Rollins, Jameson

2019 May 27 21:25

parallel tests broken on Debian stable

David Bremner| Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Tomi Ollila

2019 May 10 10:45

[BUG] emacs: notmuch-mua-attachment-check finds triggering string inside forwarded messages

Örjan Ekeberg| Daniel Kahn Gillmor, ekeberg@kth.se, David Edmondson, David Bremner

2019 May 08 17:19

notmuch vim failing to show rfc822 attachments

Kay| Daniel Kahn Gillmor

2019 May 06 23:51

subsequent rebuilds of notmuch always re-build sphinx and ruby

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| David Bremner, Tomi Ollila

2019 Apr 20 through 2019 Apr 23

notmuch-emacs: avoiding deprecated message-default-charset

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| David Bremner, Noam Postavsky, Eli Zaretskii, Tomi Ollila, Lars Ingebrigtsen

2019 Apr 20 20:00

Unexpected output of "notmuch new --quiet"

David Bremner| Ralph Seichter, Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Eric

2019 Apr 20 14:19

Feature request: Limit output of notmuch show

Jörg Volbers| David Bremner, Olly Betts

2019 Mar 21 12:56

[Joerg Jaspert] Bug#922536: notmuch-emacs: notmuch breaks on directory removal

David Bremner| Tomi Ollila, Matt Armstrong

2019 Feb 17 21:03

emacs tree view usability improvement: notmuch-tree should indicate which message is being shown

Daniel Kahn Gillmor

2019 Feb 11 18:34

[Bug] Cannot build python3 bindings documentation of notmuch 0.28.1

Dan Čermák| Jani Nikula, David Bremner

2019 Feb 06 13:52

[FEATURE] Purge ignored messages from index

Markus Weimar| David Bremner, Jeremy Nickurak

2018 Nov 22 12:45

bug: wrong order of messages in notmuch-show

Gregor Zattler| Amin Bandali, David Bremner

2018 Jul 01 21:27

match: in structured "notmuch reply" output

Daniel Kahn Gillmor

2018 May 04 02:26

Bug? notmuch-emacs: "All tags" in notmuch-hello does not show all tags

Tomi Ollila| Gregor Zattler, David Bremner

2018 Apr 22 08:52

'notmuch search thread:<>' lists multiple threads

Naveen N. Rao| David Bremner, Daniel Kahn Gillmor

2018 Apr 18 10:18

bug: "no top level messages" crash on Zen email loops

Antoine Beaupré| David Bremner, Brian Sniffen, Tomi Ollila, Olly Betts

2018 Mar 19 13:25

wish: notmuch-emacs: wash From: / To: and Subject: in notmuch search / show

Gregor Zattler

2018 Mar 02 12:27

Suggestion for Emacs: notmuch-draft-dirs

Karl Fogelmark

2018 Feb 15 12:44

wish: notmuch-emacs: provide completion in notmuch-search for path: as for tag:

Gregor Zattler

2018 Feb 07 17:19

emacs-notmuch: A Xapian exception occurred parsing query

Kai Wang| David Bremner, Olly Betts

2018 Feb 06 02:52

[BUG] Custom headers in `notmuch-message-headers` are broken

Jan Malakhovski| David Bremner, Amin Bandali, Leo Gaspard

2017 Dec 26 11:47

[PATCH 5/6] python: Rename get_config_list to get_configs

David Bremner| l-m-h@web.de, Lucas Hoffmann

2017 Dec 22 21:59

[BUG] Minor: config list adds a semi-colon to lists with a single item until set

Ian| David Bremner

2017 Nov 14 21:17

Bug in notmuch-emacs: inconsistent rendering for messages with multiple From: headers

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| David Bremner

2017 Oct 23 06:06

BUG: emacs: fcc duplicates messages with variant bodies due to mml security

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| David Bremner, Tomi Ollila

2017 Oct 22 23:28

notmuch-emacs: Fcc to top-level directory given by database.path

Arun Isaac, Jani Nikula| David Bremner, Mark Walters, Tomi Ollila

2017 Sep 23 through 2017 Sep 30

[PATCH] emacs: override enriched-decode-display-prop for text/enriched display

Jani Nikula| David Edmondson, David Bremner

2017 Sep 11 20:09

[BUG] Notmuch keeps adding notmuch-address-expand-name to message-completion-alist

Attic Hermit| David Bremner, David Edmondson

2017 Sep 11 04:21

Duplicate message ids

Mark Walters| David Bremner

2017 Aug 27 09:45

[PATCH] python: open messages in binary mode

Florian Klink| David Bremner, Gaute Hope, Tomi Ollila

2017 Aug 24 21:30

Feature request: Tab completion in notmuch search

rmrf@tuta.io| David Bremner

2017 Aug 18 16:04

bug: notmuch show --decrypt leads to SIGSEGV

Matt Armstrong| David Bremner, Jan Malakhovski, Servilio Afre Puentes

2017 Aug 15 17:37

wish: notmuch-emacs: tag unsent email with same key bindings as in notmuch show

Gregor Zattler| David Bremner

2017 Aug 15 11:39

Wish: notmuch-emacs: allow for reply to attached message/rfc822 message

Gregor Zattler| David Bremner

2017 Aug 12 11:44

Bug: fatal error with notmuch new, second run starts indexing all over again

David Bremner| Gregor Zattler, Tomi Ollila, Leonard Lausen

2017 Jul 14 11:13

[Łukasz Stelmach] Bug#864493: notmuch: bash completion eats typed option

David Bremner| Daniel Kahn Gillmor

2017 Jun 09 14:04

[Bug] lingering gpg-agents from test suite

David Bremner| Justus Winter, Tomi Ollila

2017 May 14 14:18

BUG: notmuch dump --include=properties implies --include=tags

David Bremner

2017 May 07 14:21

synchronizing the inbox flag

Antoine Beaupré

2017 Apr 17 13:59

[PATCH 1/2] test: add known broken test for dump header

David Bremner| Tomi Ollila

2017 Mar 28 11:09

[PATCH 1/7] test: add known broken test for indexing html

David Bremner| Daniel Lublin (quite)

2017 Mar 22 11:23

[rfc patch 1/6] test: add known broken test for indexing html

David Bremner

2017 Mar 21 13:15

[PATCH] test: add known broken test for xapian wildcard search in from:

David Bremner

2017 Mar 17 12:26

[RFE] Call `gpg --recv-keys` asynchronously

Steven Allen, Sebastian Schwarz| David Bremner, Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Jani Nikula

2017 Feb 28 20:35

read after free in notmuch new

David Bremner| Tomi Ollila

2017 Feb 19 15:29

[BUG] notmuch-emacs highlights '>' quoted wrapped lines incorrectly

Jani Nikula| David Edmondson, Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2017 Jan 05 18:48

Feature request: search for last N modified mails

Ico| cesar mena, David Bremner

2016 Dec 02 14:01

T350 test failures with gnupg-2.1.16

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| Marius Bakke, David Bremner

2016 Nov 22 23:07

some issues with emacs 25

David Bremner| Matthew Lear, Matt Armstrong

2016 Nov 09 23:55

[Paul Wise] Bug#843127: notmuch: race condition in `notmuch new`?

David Bremner| Jani Nikula, Paul Wise, Brian Sniffen, Austin Clements, J. Lewis Muir, Tomi Ollila

2016 Nov 04 12:46

"id buttonization" test failure

David Bremner| Marius Bakke, Tomi Ollila

2016 Oct 09 15:47

Bug: counting messages twice after excluding tags yields different results

Lucas| Franz Fellner, Lucas Hoffmann, David Bremner

2016 Aug 31 08:23

[Lars Luthman] Bug#826881: Calls to notmuch_directory_get_mtime() don't return the recently set mtime

David Bremner

2016 Jun 09 20:26

[Lars Luthman] Bug#826843: Calls to notmuch_database_add_message() after notmuch_database_close() crash

David Bremner| Tomi Ollila

2016 Jun 09 18:06


Richard Russon| David Bremner

2016 Jun 06 12:45

[Jameson Graef Rollins] Bug#826280: notmuch: shortcut to list tags

David Bremner| Tomi Ollila

2016 Jun 04 12:45

[Paul Wise] Bug#825886: notmuch: allow separation of command-line options and their values: --option foo

David Bremner| Tomi Ollila

2016 May 31 09:24

Distribute manual page directly?

Chunyang Xu| David Bremner

2016 Apr 08 18:38

(emacs) Parsing problems replying to encrypted html

Matthew Lear| David Edmondson, David Bremner, Tomi Ollila, Jani Nikula

2016 Mar 07 21:01

notmuch insert --keep fails in parallel w/ notmuch new

Maarten Aertsen| David Bremner, Tomi Ollila

2016 Jan 24 15:48

Bug report: undeletable traces of ghosts in the notmuch database

Daniel Kahn Gillmor

2016 Jan 14 21:20

[Gaudenz Steinlin] Bug#810784: should match email adress case insensitive when sending encrypted mail

David Bremner| Daniel Kahn Gillmor, David Edmondson, Tomi Ollila

2016 Jan 12 16:44

binding/python/README is hopelessly outdated

Konrad Hinsen| David Bremner

2016 Jan 12 09:47

Crash with Python bindings

Konrad Hinsen| David Bremner, W. Trevor King, Justus Winter, Floris Bruynooghe, Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Tomi Ollila, Brian May

2016 Jan 12 09:41

[BUG] [notmuch-tree] Display problems when database is locked

Simon Castellan| Mark Walters

2016 Jan 02 22:33

[PATCH v2] emacs: Improve notmuch-message-mode initialization

David Bremner| Michal Sojka

2016 Jan 01 16:37

debian build-dependencies for testing should be marked <!nocheck>

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| David Bremner

2015 Dec 09 20:49

notmuch-reply doesn't use Reply-To

Jani Nikula| Damien Cassou, David Bremner, Tomi Ollila, Michal Sojka

2015 Dec 04 17:14

[bug] notmuch doesn't commit changes before an open transaction on close

Steven Allen| David Bremner

2015 Oct 25 21:02

[WIP] tests: add test for case insensitive Content-Disposition

David Bremner| Johannes Schauer, Jani Nikula

2015 Oct 06 10:20

Bug/Issue: References header doesn't wrap in emacs package

Allan Streib| David Bremner, Sanjoy Mahajan

2015 Oct 01 19:00

bug: notmuch-poll doesn't check return value

Ketil Malde| Mark Walters, Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2015 Sep 14 12:18

[Vagrant Cascadian] Bug#795243: notmuch-emacs: reply-to encrypted messages in tree view fails to quote and defaults to unencrypted message

David Bremner| Mark Walters, Tomi Ollila

2015 Aug 12 10:03

Emacs: notmuch-mua-mail throws error if notmuch-fcc-dirs does not exist

Felix Konstantin Maurer| David Bremner, Mark Walters, Tomi Ollila

2015 Jul 10 20:06

[Raúl Benencia] Bug#789693: notmuch-emacs: notmuch-tree does not mark messages as read

David Bremner| Mark Walters

2015 Jun 23 14:52

BUG: maildir flags sync with database relative path results in corrupted filename

Morgan Veyret| David Bremner, Tomi Ollila

2015 Jun 07 15:12

notmuch should search on date received

Gregor Zattler| David Bremner

2015 May 05 16:58

bug: notmuch cannot handle invalid Date fields

Johannes Schauer| Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2015 Apr 22 06:56

"original message" replies shouldn't be hidden by default

Daniel Kahn Gillmor

2015 Mar 12 16:58

Percent symbol is not shown in the global subject line in the Emacs notmuch-show buffer

Jinwoo Lee| David Bremner

2015 Jan 22 02:28

privacy problem: text/html parts pull in network resources

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| Austin Clements, David Bremner, Tomi Ollila, Jinwoo Lee, David Edmondson

2015 Jan 21 21:00

BUG: Using pointer that points to a destructed string's content

Tamas Szakaly| David Bremner, Jani Nikula, Tomi Ollila

2014 Dec 26 11:37

Forwarding a mail, with a non-ASCII signature

Lele Gaifax| Jani Nikula, David Edmondson, David Bremner

2014 Nov 16 14:18

"search --path=directory/" is lame(-ish)

David Edmondson| Tomi Ollila, Jani Nikula, David Bremner

2014 Oct 29 17:07

"search --duplicate=2 --output=messages" is deranged

David Edmondson| Jani Nikula, David Bremner

2014 Oct 29 17:05

notmuch-vim doesn't respect notmuch config defaults

Sergei Shilovsky| David Bremner, Ian Main

2014 Oct 02 08:55

[Vagrant Cascadian] Bug#759302: notmuch-emacs: citation should use datestring from the replied to message

David Bremner| David Edmondson

2014 Sep 20 07:32

gdb-7.8 seems to break atomicity tests

Amadeusz Żołnowski| David Bremner

2014 Sep 18 19:39

[PATCH] lib: make notmuch shared library install_name be full path on Mac OS X

J. Lewis Muir| David Bremner, Tomi Ollila

2014 Sep 01 03:13

[Vagrant Cascadian] Bug#759646: notmuch-emacs: switching mode= to invalid value sends unencrypted mail

David Bremner| Jani Nikula, Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Tomi Ollila, David Edmondson

2014 Aug 29 18:05

Bug#755544: notmuch-emacs: doesn't check gpg/pgp signatures by default

David Bremner| Jameson Graef Rollins, Daniel Kahn Gillmor, David Edmondson

2014 Jul 21 23:16

notmuch new: emails with BOM are ignored

Andreas Amann| David Bremner, Jani Nikula

2014 May 27 08:35

[PATCH] doc/conf.py: Remove _static from html_static_path

W. Trevor King| Amadeusz Żołnowski, David Bremner

2014 May 10 15:55

Bug: make install depends on emacs being detected during configure in 0.18

Benjamin Podszun| Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2014 May 10 11:53

[PATCH v4 2/3] emacs: `notmuch-show-buttonize-links' only `notmuch-show's a message if it exists

Pieter Praet, David Edmondson| Jameson Graef Rollins, Xavier Maillard, David Bremner, Aaron Ecay, Mark Anderson, Mark Walters, Tomi Ollila

2012 Jan 12 through 2014 May 07

precedence in `notmuch-search-line-faces'

David Edmondson| Mark Walters, Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2014 May 02 11:14

github mirror

Sam Halliday| Jani Nikula, David Mazieres, David Mazieres expires 2014-07-26 PDT, Austin Clements, Gaute Hope, Tomi Ollila, Wael M. Nasreddine

2014 Apr 27 11:09

[RFC PATCH] Re: excessive thread fusing

Mark Walters| David Bremner, Eric, Andrei POPESCU, Austin Clements

2014 Apr 21 07:20

flag synchronization moves messages from new to cur when not necessary

Jesse Luehrs

2014 Mar 12 14:42

Unable to search for emails with content with a given MIME type

Petter Reinholdtsen| Todd, Suvayu Ali, David Bremner

2014 Feb 27 20:31

[BUG] Putting "tags=;" into .notmuch-config will create empty tags

Rob Browning| Jani Nikula, Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2014 Feb 23 02:29

[BUG] notmuch excludes .notmuch anywhere in the tree

Rob Browning| Tomi Ollila, Jani Nikula, Mark Walters, David Bremner

2014 Feb 23 02:16

Weird behaviour in notmuch new

Mark Walters| Jani Nikula, Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2014 Feb 23 01:08

notmuch killed due to out of memory - how to move forward

Hamish Downer| Jani Nikula, Kushal Kumaran

2014 Feb 03 22:18

sanitization of args notmuch-cli in notmuch-emacs

David Bremner| Tomi Ollila, Mark Walters

2014 Feb 03 19:13

segfault if notmuch-show query has spurious .. (w/ v0.17)

Sanjoy Mahajan| David Bremner, Tomi Ollila, Mark Walters, Jani Nikula

2014 Jan 22 02:27

encrypting replies to encrypted mail

Jameson Graef Rollins| Nicolás Reynolds, Jani Nikula, David Bremner, Tomi Ollila

2014 Jan 12 19:24

notmuch-0.16: realpath() compatibility issue; clang visibility problem

Thomas Klausner| Jani Nikula, Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2014 Jan 03 21:47

possible infinite recursion in notmuch-cli

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| David Bremner

2013 Oct 10 22:51

emacs reply fills X clipboard with reply message body

Jameson Graef Rollins| Tomi Ollila, Mark Walters, David Edmondson, David Bremner

2013 Sep 18 02:20

reply to messages with message/rfc822 parts

Mark Walters| David Edmondson, David Bremner

2013 Sep 10 09:12

segfault with xapian 1.3.1

Jason A. Donenfeld| David Bremner, Olly Betts

2013 Sep 05 15:06

notmuch emacs mode could be friendlier when the user has never run "notmuch setup"

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| David Bremner, Mark Walters, Tomi Ollila

2013 Sep 05 14:43

[BUG] Decryption fails if message was signed with an unknown key

Simon Hirscher| Daniel Kahn Gillmor, David Bremner

2013 Sep 04 22:01

[Bug] Force creating of Mail/sent on sending?

Bastien| Jani Nikula, David Bremner, Bastien Guerry

2013 Aug 24 10:34

[Olivier Berger] Bug#720543: notmuch: Please provide a script allowing to compact the xapian base

David Bremner| Ben Gamari

2013 Aug 23 10:10

unread message appear `folded'

Austin Clements| Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan, David Bremner

2013 Aug 05 18:59

use of flet in notmuch-emacs

David Bremner| Austin Clements, Mark Walters, Tomi Ollila

2013 May 19 11:31

miraculous from: field

Amadeusz Żołnowski| David Belohrad, Jani Nikula, Austin Clements, Adam Wolfe Gordon

2013 May 08 20:00

forwarding multiple messages from notmuch emacs

Daniel Kahn Gillmor| Jeremy Nickurak, David Edmondson

2013 Apr 23 16:33

[PATCH] debian: package ruby bindings

David Bremner| Felipe Contreras, Tomi Ollila, Carl Worth

2013 Apr 15 10:34

[Joerg Jaspert] Bug#688609: notmuch: Can't deal with compressed maildir files

David Bremner

2013 Apr 02 12:04

[BUG] inconsistent user context handling w/ tramp

Simon Campese| David Bremner, david@tethera.net, Tomi Ollila

2013 Mar 02 11:46

[PATCH] This patch is a little finger excercise for working with git. I found a piece of code that I didn't understand at first.

Robert Mast| Austin Clements, Carl Worth, David Bremner

2013 Feb 03 18:51

[Daniel Kahn Gillmor] Bug#698810: notmuch: Internal error: add_message returned unexpected value: 4 (notmuch-new.c:543)

David Bremner

2013 Jan 24 04:06

[Patch v2 2/9] notmuch-tag.c: convert to use tag-utils

Jani Nikula| david@tethera.net, Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2013 Jan 07 18:52

BUG: notmuch stop on death symlink even..

calmar c.| Austin Clements

2012 Nov 24 19:07

[BUG] Saving attachments containing UTF-8 chars

Michael Stapelberg| Tomi Ollila, Ethan Glasser-Camp, David Bremner, Mark Walters

2012 Oct 29 13:30

a DoS vulnerability associated with conflated Message-IDs?

Peter Wang| Daniel Kahn Gillmor, James Vasile, Jeremy Nickurak, Tom Prince, David Bremner

2012 Oct 29 11:15

Provide an option to make thread summaries keep initial subject

Olivier Berger| Austin Clements, Thomas Schwinge, David Bremner

2012 Sep 25 16:03

mm-image-fit-p: Invalid image specification

Michal Sojka| David Bremner

2012 Sep 14 14:00

bug related to ical

Robert Horn| Olivier Berger, Tomi Ollila, Aaron Ecay

2012 Jun 25 17:47

[Joerg Jaspert] Bug#666027: notmuch: get a quiet option

David Bremner| Jameson Graef Rollins, Andrei POPESCU

2012 Mar 28 02:33

notmuch-emacs bug report -- infinite looping trying to select next message

Michael Hudson-Doyle| Rodney Lorrimar, David Bremner

2012 Feb 13 22:01

Bug: emacs 23.2 doesn't like ido-completing-read

Mark Walters| David Edmondson, Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2012 Feb 04 12:31

[PATCH v6 2/3] emacs: quote MML tags in replies

Aaron Ecay, Dmitry Kurochkin, David Bremner, Pieter Praet| Austin Clements, David Edmondson, Tomi Ollila

2012 Jan 19 through 2012 Feb 03

[Emacs] Bug?: notmuch-search-show-thread shows several threads; only one containing matching messages

Gregor Zattler| Austin Clements, Jameson Graef Rollins, Jani Nikula, Pieter Praet, Mark Walters, David Bremner, Eric

2012 Jan 26 00:40

Please Update Current GLib Requirements For notmuch: - (glib-2.0 >= 2.14) + (glib-2.0 >= 2.22)

datapipe@gmail.com| Pieter Praet, Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2012 Jan 14 02:52

Possible bug in tests with emacs 23.2.1 (debian stable)

Mark Walters| Tomi Ollila, Austin Clements, David Bremner

2012 Jan 01 10:05

Segmentation fault at gmime-iconv with python binding

Kazuo Teramoto| David Bremner, Patrick Totzke, Austin Clements, Tomi Ollila, Sebastian Spaeth, Pieter Praet, Jameson Graef Rollins

2011 Dec 30 00:57

[PATCH] Fix build with binutils-2.22

Thomas Jost| Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2011 Dec 15 19:41

[PATCH 2/2] python: annotate all calls into libnotmuch with types

Patrick Totzke, Justus Winter| Sebastian Spaeth, James Westby, David Bremner, Tomi Ollila

2011 Dec 06 through 2011 Dec 07

notmuch seg. fault on _thread_add_message

Kazuo Teramoto| David Bremner, Austin Clements, bjoernb, Sebastian Spaeth

2011 Dec 04 17:35

python-notmuch crash with threads

James Westby

2011 Dec 01 15:24

[PATCH] CLI: update call to notmuch_help_command for new calling conventions.

David Bremner| Tomi Ollila, Jani Nikula

2011 Nov 24 20:02

[PATCH 2/2] notmuch.el:notmuch-search-process-filter: Rewritten. Cope with incomplete lines.

Thomas Schwinge| Jesse Rosenthal, Austin Clements, Carl Worth

2011 Jan 30 through 2011 Nov 15

[PATCH] test: Use env to set TMPDIR when running emacs in screen.

Jameson Graef Rollins| Austin Clements, Tomi Ollila, Pieter Praet, Dmitry Kurochkin, David Bremner

2011 Nov 10 16:59

[PATCH] tag: Automatically limit to messages whose tags will actually change.

Sebastian Spaeth| Austin Clements, Dmitry Kurochkin, Jani Nikula, Tomi Ollila, David Bremner

2011 Nov 10 13:28

[PATCH 06/13] test: run emacs inside screen

Jameson Graef Rollins| Dmitry Kurochkin, Austin Clements, David Bremner, david@tethera.net, Thomas Jost, Pieter Praet, Tom Prince

2011 Nov 10 07:36

python-notmuch decoding error on a message

Antoine Amarilli| David Bremner, Patrick Totzke, Sebastian Spaeth

2011 Nov 06 22:16

bug: RELEASING should cover version & date in notmuch.1

Jani Nikula| David Bremner

2011 Nov 06 19:58

decryption error for signed+encrypted messages

Jameson Graef Rollins| David Bremner, Daniel Kahn Gillmor

2011 Nov 04 18:00

[PATCH] Repeatability when copying a whole directory into a new one.

Thomas Schwinge| David Bremner, Pieter Praet, Austin Clements, Tomi Ollila, Jani Nikula

2011 Sep 29 23:26

[PATCH] emacs: notmuch-hello: respect notmuch-help's wishes

Pieter Praet| David Bremner, David Edmondson

2011 Apr 16 13:12