Notmuch Emacs 0.31.2 documentation and keybinding suggestions

Subject: Notmuch Emacs 0.31.2 documentation and keybinding suggestions

Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2020 14:05:02 -0300



From: Jorge P. de Morais Neto

Hi.  I would like to report the following documentation and keybinding

The info page
[[ key bindings]] says that
<backspace> moves to the previous widget, but that key is actually bound
to `delete-backward-char'.  To move to the previous widget I use <C-M-i>
or <S-iso-lefttab>.  And why does <S-iso-lefttab> move backward but
<S-C-i> (which ought to be equivalent to <S-iso-lefttab>, no?) moves forward?

Also, it seems that <SPC> moves forward and <DEL> moves backward, but
<S-SPC> does nothing useful.  For consistency with Emacs Info Mode,
Emacs View Mode, and some other applications such as Firefox, perhaps
<S-SPC> should move backward too.

The introduction of help buffer for Notmuch-Show (reached by hitting
<?>) describes the <SPC> command without mentioning that it can archive
the thread; only in <SPC> specific description (which does not fit in
the same window; one has to scroll) does it mention the archiving
behavior.  I believe the archiving behavior should also be mentioned in
the introduction, lest the user unwittingly archive a thread she wasn't
supposed to.  Also, the description for <u> is empty (this also happens
in the help buffer for Notmuch-Hello).

In the same help buffer, the description of <c ?> says "Show help for a
subkeymap."  Would it not be better to drop the "a", leaving "Show help
for subkeymap." ?

Finally, the binding for <C-tab> in Notmuch-Show and Notmuch-Hello
inconveniently clobbers the tab-bar-mode binding for that key.  Should
not Notmuch be content with <C-M-i>/<ESC tab>/<S-iso-lefttab> (and
possibly <S-C-i>) and leave <C-Tab> alone?


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